Which Is Leading Now? Instagram VS YouTube

Feb 3, 2023

In the internet age, two major social media platforms have taken center stage when engaging with a wide audience: Instagram and YouTube. While both provide users with an opportunity to share content, their approaches and popularity differ.

This article will explore the differences between Instagram and YouTube, highlighting which platform is leading the competition.

How Instagram Has Taken Over The Social Media Scene

Instagram is a platform that has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and its user base continues to grow. It is well-known for its focus on visual media, with an emphasis placed on images and videos.

Instagram users can interact with their followers through “likes,” comments, and stories, creating an engaging atmosphere for users and content creators. The platform’s ability to share content quickly has also helped it grow, as users can post images or videos instantly.

Different social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have been able to capitalize on the success of Instagram by incorporating features similar to it. Like YouTube videos, Instagram has become the go-to platform for content creators, influencers, and businesses. When a social media platform is so influential, it has a competitive edge over other social media platforms.

The Advantages Of Using Instagram For Marketing

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Let’s start with the fact that Instagram has over 1 billion active users, which is constantly growing. This makes it a great platform for businesses to promote their products and services. Following are some of its advantages.

It has an active community

Instagram is a platform that people actively engage with, making it the perfect place to reach out to potential customers. Regarding influencer marketing, Instagram is the ideal platform to connect with influencers and collaborate.

Suppose you are launching a new product and want to build a following; Instagram is the perfect place to start. Or even if you are looking to increase brand awareness, Instagram can help with that. Instagram influencers are the perfect way to do that.

It has great analytics

Instagram provides businesses with powerful data analytics to track their success and ROI. The insights help businesses understand how their posts, stories, and advertisements perform regarding likes, comments, shares, and views.

This helps them make informed decisions about what content resonates with the audience. When users watch videos, the data is collected, and businesses can use this to target their ads better.

It is visually appealing

Unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, Instagram allows businesses to showcase their products and services through creative visuals. This helps create an immediate connection with customers as they can see what the business offers visually appealingly.

Like the target audience, the influencers on Instagram also love sharing creative visuals. In video marketing, the engagement rate is higher when compared to other platforms, as people are more likely to watch and share videos on Instagram.

Faster engagement

Regarding short-form content, Instagram can be a great way to get quick engagement. Users are more likely to watch a few seconds of an Instagram video than an entire video, making it easier to reach people with short attention spans.

How YouTube Is Still A Powerful Tool For Businesses

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YouTube is a different platform than Instagram but it still offers businesses valuable opportunities. It has been around longer, and its user base is much larger than Instagram, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

YouTube provides businesses with an opportunity to reach out to potential customers in the form of videos. Many people use YouTube for educational purposes and entertainment, making it a great platform for businesses to advertise their products and services.

The Advantages Of Using Youtube For Marketing

Following are some of the advantages of using YouTube for marketing:

High engagement rates

YouTube has higher engagement rates than other social media platforms, as viewers are more likely to watch an entire video if they like what they see. This makes it easier for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. For long-form videos, YouTube also allows viewers to add comments and links directly to the video so viewers can easily access additional information.


YouTube is a versatile platform, allowing businesses to create and upload content such as vlogs, educational tutorials, promotional videos, and more. This allows brands to reach a wider range of audiences and showcase their products, services, or expertise differently.

Unlike Instagram stories and posts, which can only be used for short-term promotional campaigns, YouTube content is always available and easily accessible. And when it comes to influencer marketing, YouTube offers more options than Instagram. Influencers on YouTube can produce long-form videos that introduce their audience to the products and services of businesses.

Cost efficiency

YouTube is a cost-efficient platform for reaching potential customers. It is free to create an account and upload videos, which means businesses can start marketing with little to no budget.

Additionally, businesses can create ads targeted to specific audiences, and viewers can choose whether or not to view the ad, which leads to more organic engagement with potential customers. Usually, what businesses pay for Youtube ads is much lower than what they would have to spend on a TV ad. Like its competitor, Instagram also allows businesses to run ads on their platform. However, these can be more expensive than the ads on YouTube and require more resources to produce.

Instagram is a great way to connect with friends, family, and followers. The photo-sharing platform has also become a powerful tool for marketing and networking. With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram is a great way to connect with friends, family, and followers. The photo-sharing platform has also become a powerful tool for marketing and networking. With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms.

But what happens when you stalk someone’s Instagram account? Specifically, does Instagram take notice of your stalking and suggest that person to you more often? Let’s find out.

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SEO benefits

YouTube videos have the potential to rank higher in search engine results and drive more traffic to websites. This makes YouTube a great source of organic, long-term traffic for businesses.

Additionally, adding descriptive titles and tags to YouTube videos can further benefit SEO. Youtube is the most popular platform for improving SEO efforts among the popular influencer marketing platforms. Things like keywords, titles, and descriptions that are search-friendly will ultimately lead to better visibility on the platform. Combining organic search opportunities with YouTube’s powerful algorithm can boost your website’s search engine rankings.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Each Platform?

Instagram Pros:

  • A visually appealing platform that allows businesses to showcase their products and services in a creative way
  • Higher engagement rates than other platforms
  • Ability to take advantage of influencer marketing

Instagram Cons

  • Short-term content that is quickly lost in the feed
  • Limited use for long-form videos

YouTube Pros

  • High engagement rates due to viewers watching entire videos if they like what they see
  • Versatile platform, allowing businesses to create and upload a variety of content
  • Cost-efficient platform to reach potential customers
  • SEO benefits from videos ranking higher in search engine results

YouTube Cons

  • Longer times to create content such as videos or tutorials
  • Ads can be intrusive for viewers and, if not targeted correctly, could lead to lower engagement rates.

Which Platform Is Best For Your Business

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of each platform, it is up to you to decide which platform best suits your business needs. Both are great social media platforms that can be used. But to help you make this decision, here are some factors to consider.

Your target audience

When choosing a platform, it is important to consider the audience you are trying to reach. Instagram has a younger demographic, so if your target market is millennials or Gen Z-ers, this could be a great choice for you.

On the other hand, YouTube has a wider appeal and reaches people of all ages. Or, if you are looking to target a specific age group, YouTube likely has more channels targeting that audience. While most marketers will use both platforms, understanding the target audience is key to deciding which one to focus on first.

Your content strategy

Another factor to consider is what content you plan to produce and share. If your business is focused heavily on visuals, such as travel, fashion, or food, Instagram might be the best choice for you.

However, if you take more of an educational approach, YouTube could be a better platform to showcase your content. Like how-to videos or short videos could be used to explain a concept or product.

Your budget

When starting with a platform, the budget should be top of mind. YouTube requires more resources in terms of production and editing to create quality content, while Instagram can be used with just a smartphone and some editing software like Lightroom or VSCO.

This makes it cheaper and more accessible for small businesses with little budget to invest in content production.

Your goals

Finally, consider your marketing and business goals when choosing either platform. Is it to gain more followers, generate more leads or increase sales? Knowing this will help you determine which platform is best for your needs. The influencer marketing campaign that you create should line up with your goals.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which platform best suits your business needs. Consider the above factors and decide which platform will help you reach your goals and allow you to successfully create engaging content.

Considering the target audience, content strategy, budget, and goals for each platform can determine which is best for your business.

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