Frequently Asked Questions About GOSO’s Instagram Growth Services

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What is is a reputable Instagram growth service that offers a variety of tools and services designed to help individuals and businesses grow their Instagram presence organically. We provide services like targeted follower growth, engagement boosting, and content scheduling to help you achieve your Instagram goals.

Do likes from big accounts still matter?

We’ve received a lot of tickets asking about the importance of getting likes from accounts with a huge follower base, and what GOSO now offers in relation to this kind of service.

Since Instagram’s big update in May 2019, many things have changed within Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram focused on getting rid of fake profiles that were used for PowerLikes. Many of these accounts may have been large, with 25k+ followers, however they were empty with fake followers. Such large profiles are easily detected by Instagram’s algorithm and their liking no longer adds any value to your posts. Moreover they are very damaging to your profile and Instagram will know you are using such accounts, resulting in shadow-bans or blocks. This is why the new way of sending PowerLikes is much safer and more powerful. The accounts we send to you may be smaller, but the fact that they have real engagement and followers shows Instagram that it is a real like, resulting in boosting your posts even more.

The development team at GOSO is always experimenting with Instagram’s algorithms and doing research to ensure that our services are the most effective tool for increasing your presence on Instagram. Following this, the likes that come as part of our service will be completely random from users of varying follower counts.

How does work? uses advanced targeting algorithms to identify and interact with users who are likely to be interested in your content. We engage with these users through likes, comments, and follows, which increases your visibility and attracts genuine followers.

Is safe to use?

Yes, takes the safety of your Instagram account seriously. We comply with Instagram’s terms of service, and our methods are designed to be safe and undetectable. We do not use fake followers or engage in any activity that could put your account at risk.

What kind of results can I expect from

The results you can expect from will depend on several factors, including your niche, the quality of your content, and your targeting preferences. However, many of our clients have seen significant growth in followers, engagement, and overall Instagram success.

Do I have control over the targeting?

Yes, offers extensive targeting options. You can specify your target audience based on factors such as location, interests, gender, and more. This allows you to tailor your Instagram growth strategy to your unique goals.

Do I need to provide my Instagram password?

No, you do not need to provide your Instagram password to use’s services. We use your Instagram username and API access to connect to your account securely.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, offers flexible subscription plans, and you can cancel at any time without any long-term commitment.

    Is customer support available?

    Absolutely! prides itself on excellent customer support. If you have any questions or encounter any issues while using our services, our support team is available to assist you.

    How quickly do likes/comments/saves/views arrive?

    Since the Instagram algorithm update in January 2020, posts have a larger window of opportunity to take advantage of. The methods we are all familiar with would say that you need to receive all of your likes etc. within an hour of posting it. Our extensive research and monitoring of our customers’ success have proven to us that the window of opportunity is significantly larger than before. Now, it is quite normal for our services to roll out over 4 hours or so. Our customers have been reporting a lot of success with this method, and that is one of the reasons why we are so confident about it. 

    Where do I enter my Instagram name?

    Once you register with us, log in with your details at GOSO. Once you log in, you will need to agree to the GDPR agreement (this is European law regarding privacy online).  Once you’ve agreed to it, you will see your subscriptions with a field in each one requesting your Instagram username.

    How many times can I post?

    Our system accepts 3 posts a day. We do not recommend more than that as Instagram’s algorithm may recognize it as “spammy” and rank you lower. The reset time for our service is 12am CET.


    When you start using GOSO services, you will see a dramatic increase in post statistics in your Instagram post insights. This will show you how well your post performed and if it hit the hashtags or explore page. Check your insights regularly and notice the change in numbers.


    We cannot perform miracles if your post is of low quality. We encourage all of our customers to post good quality images, researched hashtags and engagement text. Posting poor content will not encourage growth and you will not see the desired results expected. For more information visit our page Why Isn’t My Account Growing? or check out our blog where we daily post about all things social media.


    Once your service is live and purchased, you can log into the control panel and add your Instagram username. As soon as you add your username, we will start detecting your posts within a few minutes. Old posts will not receive services. Once we have detected your new post, we will start the ordering process.


    The days of DM groups, Auto rounds and classic PowerLikes are the thing of the past. Instagram released a big update in the summer of 2019 that changed the game. PowerLikes companies lost their networks overnight, rendering their services useless. This happened because they automated the likes 24 hours a day on the same IP address. It doesn’t take a genius to spot this and Instagram’s algorithm put a stop to it.

    As GOSO doesn’t require your password and we manage our own networks with the very latest settings. We were undetected and now one of the biggest Instagram growth companies in the world.

    We send likes from totally different accounts every time. This tricks the algorithm and prevents any patterns from forming. You will notice it in your post insights on how well GOSO services will help your posts.


    As we don’t require your password for likes, views, saves & comments, your accounts are 100% safe with GOSO. Post content, relax and watch your services boost your posts and help gain more followers, interactions and engagement.
    If you are using Telegram bots or services that require your password please change your password ASAP as you will damage your account.


    Every service is a monthly subscription with auto-payments, but you can cancel at any time with no penalty. Simply log in to the control panel and cancel the subscription. Your services will continue to run until the end of the subscription.


    We’ve been working hard on the biggest update since our first launch. It’s taken over 6 months to build and release and now it’s been added to every service we provide.

    Faster detection times for new posts by 2x

    Faster ordering of the services by 1.5x

    Intelligent drip-feed system to make the service seem more organic

    Every account has been upgraded to 4g proxies to avoid detection from Instagram

    Auto reordering system to top up services if they fail to arrive

    We are fully undetectable by Instagram because the accounts mimic human behaviour

    You will rarely see the same person liking your posts, we ensure that everything is random and organic

    We update the engine weekly to ensure we are always 1 step ahead of every competitor

    With every Instagram update, we can easily change settings to ensure we are not hit with problems


    We will drip-feed most services to ensure an organic pattern. Lower packages, such as the Lite packages, will receive limited drip-feeds due to the small amounts of services.

    Here is an example of how a drip-feed works

    Let’s imagine you have the 1000 likes package. 1000 likes will be randomly divided into multiple runs to appear realistic. We randomize every drip-feed amount to ensure we are never detectable by Instagram.

    We’ll send 200 likes when we detect your post and ordered. As they start appearing, we will order another batch of 200 within 5 minutes. Same applies with the second drip feed and we will carry on ordering at random intervals until you receive your 1000 likes.

    The bigger the service the longer the drip-feed to appear organic. Receiving all of your likes in 1 time does not work and will look obviously fake. Since Instagrams update in late 2017, they patched this in their algorithm. Nowadays, slow and steady likes are what will get your post viral.


    12 am CET is our daily reset time. So if you have posted more than 2 times a day, you will need to wait for the reset time. Once reset, you can post and receive services.

    We have a dedicated team of support specialists that will assist you. Simply log in and send a support ticket should you have any questions or concerns.

    Post Impressions

    Post impressions are the visits, or views, by real accounts on your post. Impressions don’t measure the likes or interactions. Remember in the real world not everyone who views your posts will like or interact. Impressions make your posts seem more organic and realistic. We trigger the impressions first before sending PowerLikes. Our studies have shown that the impressions dramatically help increase your chances of going viral on the explore page than standard PowerLikes.

    Post Saves

    Post saves are when a real user ‘saves’ your Instagram post to a list to view at a future time. Our studies found that post saving does help dramatically increase your chances of going viral on the Explore page. Mixed with post impressions, PowerLikes and HyperSaves will indicate to Instagram’s algorithm that your post is important and rank you accordingly.

    Why do you have ranges?

    If, for example, you get 500 likes on every post daily, it will be obvious to Instagram that you are paying for a PowerLikes service. Have a look at normal accounts. You will see that one post will get 1000 likes another will get 700 likes. Putting ranges on likes ensures your account looks organic for Instagram’s algorithm & your users.

    AM I guaranteed to go Viral?

    The golden age of Instagram when you could post anything and go viral has been and gone. Because too many people abused Instagram, they had to make changes to the way you grow. Otherwise, Instagram would have ended up just like Twitter, ending all possibilities for growth. We develop techniques where we are fully random and undetectable to Instagram. However, their algorithm changes regularly and have been very strict with accounts losing natural likes and going viral.

    Our PowerLikes are like no other; we change weekly to ensure we are one step ahead of the algorithm. We analyze statistics and tweak our settings accordingly. No other PowerLike supplier does what we do.

    If you post low par content on Instagram, do not expect to go viral. It’s all about quality content nowadays. Post a good picture with engagement text in the description and add a few good hashtags. We will help boost your post. After that, it is down to the algorithm to decide if it’s good enough to go viral on the explore page. This is NOT a magic wand service and does NOT guarantee you will go viral on every post. However, the majority of our customers do go viral at least once in their experience with us. 


    At GOSO we believe in anonymously for all of our customers. By default, we will never disclose publically about celebrity or influencer customers. Your account is 100% safe and will never be leaked for promotional purposes. We may contact you for a review or to be featured in our advertising campaigns, but this is only with your consent.


    We have a dedicated team of support specialists that will assist you. Simply log in and send a support ticket.


    Instagram PowerLikes & growth techniques are what made us the industry leader in Instagram SMM & growth. It is guaranteed to help your posts go viral on the Explore page or on hashtags. It works with any niche, any language & we can even target your followers with our HyperGrowth packages. Increase your conversions, get more leads, supersize your sales, engagement, and get more followers.

    We are recommended by thousands of Instagrammers worldwide that rely on our professional PowerLikes services, from top Instagram influencers to celebrities.


    Who doesn’t want to reach the Explore page, we will increase the chance of your post on the famous explore page. You will have thousands of new impressions, clicks to your profile & even stay on the Explore page for longer.

    We ensure our PowerLikes are drip-fed to ensure it stays on the explore page for longer. All you have to do is post a good photo with great engagement text & choose the correct hashtags. We will do the rest to ensure the PowerLikes make you go viral on Instagram.

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    Coupons can be entered when you click View Basket after having selected a product. Simply enter the coupon in the relevant field to see the price drop.

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    If you’d like to cancel your membership with GOSO, there are two ways to do so.

    If you payed through PayPal, you can cancel your recurring payment through PayPal. Once our system sees that the recurring payment has not continued, we will have the membership cancelled.

    Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket requesting a cancellation and one of our team members will be happy to help you.


    Please see this link to be taken to our refund policy:


    When you pay with an eCheque, it usually takes about 3 – 5 business days to get processed entirely. Please bear in mind that until the eCheque has completely cleared, we will not be able to see any details, nor will we be able to set up the account. If you are concerned with how long it is taking for an eCheque to clear, we would recommend speaking with PayPal.


    If you wish to upgrade, you have two choices: you can cancel your recurring payment on your current subscription and wait for it to end before purchasing a new package; or you may contact us via a support ticket and we can often give you a coupon for the time remaining on your current subscription, so you can change subscription immediately without losing any value.

    Still can’t find an answer?

    Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.

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