I purchased your service and nothing is happening!

Here’s why.

Let’s say you are an overweight individual and you’ve signed yourself up at a gym to attempt to lead a healthier life and lose weight. You pay the monthly subscription but you go only about twice a week and you don’t really know what kind of exercises to do. Therefore, you don’t lose any of the weight, you’re upset, you blame the gym, and you want your money back.

Who’s in the wrong?

You are.

GOSO is basically the gym for your social media account that helps you Grow Instagram Organically. Our services will help you a lot, but you still have a part to play. One of our most common concerns is that the service is not working, so we created this page to help you grow on Instagram organically. There are a number of things you could be doing wrong, and we’re going to give you a few tips to follow. If you do it right, our services will work. 


Potential Issues:


  • Fake Followers.  Having purchased fake followers in the past will damage your ability to grow on Instagram organically and cause problems for our services to function. We use real accounts and real people for our growth services. All of the interactions are real. Fake followers can’t interact with or engage in your posts; they’re more of a dead weight than anything else. Therefore, having fake followers will prevent your posts being seen by the rest of your real followers. The number of followers you have doesn’t mean anything to Instagram’s algorithm if you don’t have the “full package.”
  • Quality. What determines quality can be quite subjective. However, you can start with high-resolution photos. Photos that have been sent through WhatsApp, for example, are compressed and lose their definition. Pay attention to the way you frame your images, how you crop them, color schemes, etc. For more How-To’s, visit our blog.
  • Hashtags. There are strategies for knowing which hashtags to choose. Instagram has an image-decyphering tool that can determine the relevance of the hashtags you selected. If you use #cat for a picture of a dog, for example, your post will be blocked from reaching the Explore page. Learn more about hashtag research and all social media secrets by checking out our blog.
  • Time & Frequency. The times in which people most commonly check Instagram are: first thing in the morning, during their lunch break, and in the evening after 6 PM. The peak times can be the best times to post, but also the most competitive ones. Depending on the size of your account, choose wisely the time that would work best for you. Posting frequently is essential to not get left behind by Instagram, which favors profiles that post and engage more. This is because the more you post, the more time you spend on Instagram, the more money they make.  
  • Engagement. Interacting and engaging with your followers shows Instagram’s algorithm a lot of movement and activity coming from your account. This obviously makes you noticeable and increases your chances of getting to the Explore page. Add a caption to your post asking a question, initiate polls, answer comments you receive, etc. Find out more what you can do by checking out our blog for plenty of How-To’s. It is a big mistake to neglect your audience, reply to comments, and DMs. Not only for your audience’s sake but Instagram favors interaction. 




Instagram has made it clear that you must include relevant hashtags in order for your posts to circulate. 


You want your audience to engage with you through your posts. To do this, add a caption asking your users a question, encouraging them to leave a comment or like.


A lot of Instagrammers ignore this, but adding a location will make Instagram rank your post higher.


The best Instagram accounts have specific content categorized by niche.

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