The Coolest Instagram Online Boutiques

Nov 11, 2020

With the world going through quarantine and regulations causing us to stay indoors, getting out and shopping for clothes and accessories has become nearly impossible. Instead, we've become accustomed to sifting through online bargain websites to find the one piece that catches our attention.

But along this journey to find clothes that fit our taste, we run into problems such as poor material quality, lackluster customer service and trouble finding items in our size. With all of these problems presented to us, finding Instagram boutiques that mix style, availability and high-level craftsmanship are a must! Here are some Instagram boutiques that we think you should check out!

Chinti and Parker

Do you enjoy clothes that have multiple functions and style options? If so, Chinti and Parker is one of the best Instagram boutiques for you! These styles perfectly blend relaxation and non-formal wear that customers can wear in the comfort of their own home or while running errands. The clothing incorporates knit designs that are fun, casual and comfortable on the skin.

Rat and Boa

When you go out, do you enjoy all eyes on you? It takes a brave soul to be courageous enough to accept that limelight and walk with ferocity. Rat and Boa creates striking clothing that says, "I'm here, and I'm not afraid of a challenge!" If you're someone that spends their nights traveling through the city with friends, Rat and Boa may be right up your alley! From the dance floor to the rooftop party, Rat and Boa have you covered.


Are you the type of person that wants to push the limits of their potential? Do you find yourself shopping for workout clothes that have multiple functions? If so, Gymshark may catch your interest.

Gymshark is a UK-based brand that has surpassed other Instagram boutiques with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Their clothing material keeps sweat at bay while also providing fashion-conscious designs and materials. If you want to crush your workout and look good while you do it, Gymshark is here to help.

Tiffany & Co.

Established in the heart of New York in 1837, Tiffany and Co. have served as a one-stop-shop for all things luxury and class. Whether you want a necklace for a night out with your partner or a bracelet that catches the eyes of onlookers, Tiffany and Co. do not disappoint! With a social-media following of over 11-million users, Tiffany and Co. are becoming the dominant platform that all Instagram boutiques should aspire to become.


Boohoo is redefining what it means to be 'cool' and 'current' in today's modern age. The designs incorporate the 'at-home' look while also catering to individuals that want to get out and dance the night away. Whether you're someone that finds solace sitting in their bed reading a book or moving to the beat of the bass in the nightclub, Boohoo has a style ready for you. Their grassroots marketing strategy blends community participation and company culture seamlessly!

Renegade Folk

Started by three Filipino sisters, Renegade Folk set out to tackle the challenging task of making affordable and stylish sandal options for women. In a world that demands excellence and discipline, Renegade Folk provides sandals that will keep up with your hectic lifestyle.

Whether you find yourself chasing kids around the house or tackling a work-related task, Renegade Folk wants to give you footwear that keeps up with your pace! Try their footwear and see why Renegade Folk is quickly becoming the go-to brand for women's footwear and sandal solutions.

If you have your own Instagram boutique:

  • Stay up to date to the latest changes in the platform and fuel up your profile!
  • STOP CHECKING LIKES! To check whether users like your content, start looking at saves, views and other rates that are must truthful.

If you need more advice check our fashion niche section!!

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