How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

Nov 2, 2020

Video content helps businesses engage with their followers on social media. It helps your business stand out and become more relatable. However, many businesses struggle with how to create video content that matters to their followers.

Now, Instagram has a new feature, known as Reels. At first, you may be thinking there are already too many features, but don’t be too quick to rule out using Instagram Reels for business. Why? For one thing, they are making video content creation easier than ever.

The Basic Features of Instagram Reels

The first step to using Instagram Reels for business is understanding what the feature is.

Previously, Instagram had posts for your feed, stories, IGTV, and the ability to go live. For video content, stories were limited to 15 seconds and only appeared in the stories section for 24 hours. IGTV is meant for longer form content and is its own thing.

The new Reels feature is somewhere between these two ideas, and has a lot more in common with TikTok videos. (In fact, most believe that Reels is a response to the popularity of TikTok.)

Here are the key things you need to know about Instagram Reels:

  • They show up on the explore page. Right now, they are gaining a lot of traction there.
  • Reels are in 9:16 portrait mode
  • They can only be uploaded from your mobile device.
  • A Reel is video between 3 to 15 seconds long.
  • You can add music, font, and change the font.
  • You can record up to 15 straight seconds of video, or you can stitch together multiple clips.
  • They can be posted to your stories and/or feed.

Content Ideas For Businesses on Instagram Reels

Getting started with Instagram Reels is the same as getting started on any new platform or feature on social media.

What do you do when you are building on a new network? You experiment to see what resonates with your audience.

If you already know your brand, and you have an audience on Instagram with other features, then you have a starting point.

1. Repurpose Some Of Your Old Content Ideas

This can be a solid way to get started. Don’t make exactly the same content, of course, but take an old idea and make something new. It is very likely that with how Reels are being heavily highlighted on the Explore page that you will reach a new audience. You may also reach some of your old audience who hadn’t caught your previous updates.

Take some of your best content and create new Instagram Reels for your business account. This is a great way to get started and see how your Reels perform.

2. Create a Behind the Scenes Look

This is a classic go-to for any business posting on social media. It’s an easy way to get your feet wet. Show some of what you do day-to-day behind the scenes running your business.

3. Inspire Your Audience

Instagram loves inspirational content. If you have something uplifting to share, feel free to do so!

4. Show Them How To Use Your Products

What does your product do? Demonstrate it! Show your products in action. You can be very simple about this or get wildly creative by putting your products in unusual situations.

5. Teach Them Something

Educational content is always useful! Providing useful content is a great use of Instagram Reels for business since it is an easy way to provide value for your audience. Share quick tips, resources, or even a brief tutorial for something simple. Some of the most popular educational Reels will be ones that show your audience how to do something simple that they might have not have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.

6. Let Your Audience Get To Know You

Share a little of your personality that works well with your brand. These Reels are fun and let you become a real person. Do you work out every day? Share a bit of your routine. Are you a coffee addict? That’s relatable! Video content is a strong way to build a connection with an audience.

Experiment And See What Works

Don’t let the new feature intimidate you! By getting into Reels early, you’ll learn what works best and establish yourself with the audience who are also getting to know this new feature.

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