If I Stalk Someone On Instagram Will I Be Suggested?

Jan 20, 2024

If I stalk someone on Instagram will I be suggested

In today’s digital landscape, Instagram occupies a central role in how we interact, network, and even date. A question that frequently surfaces in this context is: If I stalk someone on Instagram will I be suggested to them? Let’s explore this intriguing topic and aim to provide some clarity.

Instagram is a great way to connect with friends, family, and followers. The photo-sharing platform has also become a powerful tool for marketing and networking. With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms.

But what happens when you stalk someone’s Instagram account? Specifically, does Instagram take notice of your stalking and suggest that person to you more often? Let’s find out.

If I Stalk Someone On Instagram Will I Be Suggested?

So, back to the main question: If I stalk someone on Instagram, will I be suggested to them? The answer is nuanced. While the term ‘stalking’ may have a negative connotation, in the world of social media, it generally means frequent visits to someone’s profile, checking out their posts, or watching their stories without necessarily engaging with the content.

In such cases, because you’re not actively engaging—meaning not liking, commenting, or sharing—your ‘stalking’ behavior alone may not be a significant enough factor for you to be suggested to the person you’re stalking. However, it’s also worth noting that Instagram continuously updates its algorithm, making it difficult to provide a definitive answer.

What Happens When You Stalk Someone on Instagram?

Fig. 1. Stalking on Instagram
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We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through your Instagram app then you see a picture of someone you haven’t seen in a while. You click on their profile to check out their recent posts, and before you know it, you’ve spent the last 20 minutes looking at pictures of their vacation to Bali.

First things first, let’s define what we mean by “stalking.” For the purpose of this blog post, we’ll consider stalking to be any action you take on Instagram with the intention of viewing someone’s content who isn’t already on your list of followers. So, if you scroll through your Explore page and find a post from someone you don’t follow, and then view their profile and start scrolling through their feed, that counts as stalking.

But does Instagram take notice of this behavior and adjust its algorithm accordingly? The answer is yes…and no. Yes, Instagram tracks the amount of time you spend viewing someone’s content, and no, they don’t use that information to suggest content from that person to you more frequently.

So, if you’re an insta stalker, you’re safe from being found out. But at the same time, you won’t be able to see if someone’s stalking your profile.

How Does Instagram Know Who To Suggest?

Fig. 2. Suggestions are based on who you follow (Source: Freepik)

Instagram tracks the amount of time you spend viewing someone’s content. However, the Instagram algorithm doesn’t use that information to suggest content from that person to you more and vice versa. Similarly, when you watch Instagram posts even from suggested friends, you won’t necessarily become part of their friend suggestion.

Instead, the IG algorithm uses the information to show you similar content on your Explore page and suggested posts. Going with this information, it’s safe to say that if you’re constantly stalking your ex-partner’s profile, you shouldn’t be surprised if your Explore page is full of posts from other blondes with an affinity for yoga pants. 

Instagram suggests friends based on who you already follow, your Facebook friends, your contact list, and the places you check into with location services turned on. So, if you have many mutual friends, expect to get a lot of relevant friend suggestions from IG. In addition, if an account is consistently posting similar content as what you usually like or comment on, there’s a chance that Instagram will put that account on the list of suggested users.

The Gold Mine – How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page?

Fig. 3. Get on other user’s Explore page (Source: Freepik)

The Explore page is one of the most important pages on IG because it allows people to discover new content from Instagram accounts that may be unknown or they don’t follow. The algorithm will choose what posts and videos are best suited for your tastes, so this platform can also change depending upon how you explore different interests.

It’s pretty difficult to get into the coveted Explore page since everyone is competing for a spot. Still, all hope is not lost! There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that your content will appear on someone else’s Explore page or as a suggested post. Here are some things that you can do to appear more in suggestions:

1. Step back and analyze

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when creating new content. But before you start writing that post or submitting those photos, take a step back and do some research.

If you’re targeting the Explore page, ask yourself:

  • What types of posts are featured on my Explore page?
  • What does my search history contain?
  • How did I find these stories on my feed?
  • Which same hashtags do they use for the title/caption?

It’s best to experience what it feels like to be the audience of others. Only then will you have a better sense of how things work. Once you know more about your audience than just “they like liking things,” then you can create something truly engaging that will land on the Explore page.

2. Use hashtags

Whenever you use a hashtag in a post, the Explore page algorithm pays attention to which hashtags are being used most frequently with certain types of content. If it sees that a lot of people who use #coffeeshop are also using #fashionista then it might start showing content from coffee shops on the Explore page for people who use #fashionista!

We know that using hashtags is important but it’s also important not to go overboard with them because doing so looks spammy and desperate. Try sticking to 1-3 popular relevant hashtags per photo or alternatively using hashtag groups (you can save sets of up to 30 hashtags and quickly copy/paste them into your captions with just a few taps!).

3. Geotag your photos and videos

Just like with hashtags, our algorithms take geotagging into account when populating the Explore page. If we see that a lot of people who visit New York also visit Los Angeles, then we might start surface content from Los Angeles for people who visit New York! And just like that, by using hashtags and geotagging your content accordingly, you have a much higher chance of appearing on someone’s Explore page which could potentially lead to more followers!

4. Post high-quality and original content consistently

This seems like a given but it definitely bears repeating. If your content is good, people will want to see more of it which could potentially lead to your photo being featured on the Explore page! By original content, we mean content that is true to your brand identity and voice – content that only YOU can create!

5. Time your posts

The idea behind this tip is that posting during “peak hours” (aka when most people are online) will give your photo a better chance of being seen. This could lead to more IG engagement, Instagram follower growth, including likes and comments, which eventually could lead to your photo making its way onto the Explore page.

But don’t just post anything! Remember that quality trumps quantity every single time, so while timing is important, don’t sacrifice the quality of your content just for the sake of post timing.

The Psychology Behind Instagram Suggestions: If I Stalk Someone On Instagram, Will I Be Suggested?


Instagram’s suggestion algorithm is a complex interplay of user behavior, engagement patterns, and content relevancy. When users interact with posts, profiles, or hashtags, Instagram’s algorithm analyzes these interactions to infer user interests. However, the idea that stalking someone directly influences suggestions is a misconception. Instagram primarily focuses on user engagement with content rather than individual profile visits. While repeatedly visiting someone’s profile might slightly impact your feed, it’s not the sole determinant. Instead, Instagram prioritizes content relevancy, engagement history, and broader user interactions when suggesting accounts or content.

Unveiling the Algorithm:


Instagram’s recommendation algorithm is a well-guarded secret, but its core principles are known. It uses machine learning to analyze large volumes of data, such as user interactions, post content, and account relationships. The algorithm aims to personalize each user’s feed, explore pages, and make suggestions based on their interests and behaviors. Contrary to popular belief, stalking someone’s profile doesn’t significantly influence the algorithm’s recommendations. Instead, Instagram prioritizes diverse content, user engagement, and community interactions to enhance user experience and discoverability.

Exploring Instagram’s Recommendation System:


Instagram’s recommendation system uses a multifaceted approach to enhance user discovery and engagement. While user interactions such as likes, comments, and shares play a crucial role, direct profile visits have minimal impact on suggestions. When generating suggestions, the algorithm prioritizes content relevancy, user engagement patterns, and broader community interests. By analyzing user behaviors across the platform, Instagram strives to deliver a personalized experience tailored to individual preferences. Therefore, while stalking someone’s profile might slightly influence your feed, it’s just one factor among many in Instagram’s intricate recommendation system.

Debunking Myths:


The belief that stalking someone on Instagram directly affects suggestions is a common misconception. Instagram’s recommendation algorithm prioritizes content relevancy and user engagement rather than individual profile visits. While exploring someone’s profile might influence your feed, it’s not the primary factor driving suggestions. Instead, Instagram analyzes many signals, including likes, comments, shares, and broader community interactions, to curate personalized content for each user. By debunking this myth, users can better understand Instagram’s recommendation system and focus on meaningful engagement rather than passive observation.

Ethical Considerations:


Ethical considerations surrounding Instagram usage extend beyond concerns about suggestion algorithms. While it’s natural to explore profiles and discover new content, excessive stalking can border on intrusive behavior. Moreover, fixating on someone’s profile to influence suggestions undermines authentic engagement. Respecting others’ privacy and maintaining healthy boundaries on social media platforms is essential. Instead of obsessing over suggestions, users should prioritize genuine interactions, content diversity, and responsible online conduct. By cultivating a culture of respect and mindfulness, users may browse Instagram ethically while enjoying its features responsibly.

Privacy Concerns:


Privacy concerns arise when users contemplate the implications of their online actions, including profile stalking on Instagram. While Instagram’s recommendation algorithm doesn’t directly expose individual profile visits, users may still feel uneasy about their digital footprint. Excessive stalking can inadvertently signal obsession or intrusive behavior, potentially causing discomfort to the profile owner. Additionally, users must consider the implications of their online activities on their digital well-being and personal relationships. Users can mitigate privacy concerns and foster a safer, more respectful online environment by exercising discretion and respecting others’ boundaries.

Understanding the Boundaries:


Navigating the boundaries of online behavior is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships and a positive digital presence. While exploring profiles on Instagram, users should be mindful of their intentions and the impact of their actions. Excessive stalking can blur the lines between curiosity and intrusion, potentially leading to discomfort or unease for both parties involved. Understanding and respecting these boundaries is essential for fostering mutual respect and trust in online interactions. By exercising restraint and focusing on meaningful engagement, users can cultivate healthier social media habits and contribute to a more positive online community.

The Fine Line Between Interest and Intrusion:


Instagram’s recommendation algorithm improves the user experience by offering relevant content based on their likes and actions. However, there’s a fine line between expressing genuine interest and crossing into intrusive territory. While exploring someone’s profile may seem innocuous, excessive stalking can signal obsession or unwanted attention. Users must be mindful of their online behaviors and respect others’ privacy and boundaries. Maintaining a healthy balance between curiosity and discretion allows users to navigate Instagram responsibly and contribute to a positive online environment.

Building Healthy Social Media Habits:


Cultivating healthy social media habits involves more than just passive observation or profile stalking. While exploring content and connecting with others on platforms like Instagram is natural, users should prioritize meaningful engagement and digital wellness. Excessive focus on stalking someone’s profile to influence suggestions detracts from genuine interaction and connection. Instead, users should focus on diverse content consumption, active participation in communities, and fostering authentic relationships online. By building healthy social media habits, users can derive greater satisfaction from their online experiences and contribute positively to digital culture.

Maximizing Engagement Without Stalking:


Maximizing engagement on Instagram doesn’t require resorting to profile stalking tactics. Instead, users can focus on authentic interactions, content creation, and community engagement to enhance their presence on the platform. Users can increase their visibility and relevance without relying on passive observation by actively participating in conversations, sharing valuable content, and supporting others in the community. Embracing a proactive approach to engagement fosters genuine connections and cultivates a more vibrant and inclusive online community. Therefore, rather than fixating on stalking for suggestions, users should prioritize active engagement and contribute meaningfully to the Instagram experience.

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