What are HyperComments?

Posts with many comments show up on your followers’ feeds, on the pages of the hashtags you’ve used, and are more likely to appear on the Explore page. Increasing your engagement is important; it’s not only about posting good content and receiving likes; interacting with your followers and viewers completes the package.

We offer 2 different kinds of services within HyperComments: AIComments and CustomComments. See below for more information. 

When you purchase a HyperComments package, the randomly generated comments are delivered irregularly throughout the first 24 hours to assure realistic engagement patterns that Instagram recognizes as authentic. It is the best comments service in the world because of how it learns from you, your posts, and your followers’ behavior. It rewards your post with higher placement in your followers’ feeds & a much higher likelihood to reach the Explore page.


We are proud to offer our new GOSO Instagram automatic HyperComments packages with artificial intelligence to help drastically improve your engagement.

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AI Comments

AI Comments is a new and fascinating service of ours that involves our new artificial intelligence service. Our system will scan your photo(s), scrape your hashtag(s) and send comments based on your post. It is all automatic and so accurate that we guarantee a significant improvement.

See below an example of our AI Comments service in comparison to other companies’ services and real, legitimate comments.

Comments From our AI System

Comments Bought From Other Providers

Comments From a Real Post

All AI Comments packages include:

  • 1 Month Subscription
  • Recurring Payment Monthly
  • Cancel At Anytime
  • Post-Priming Enabled
  • Undetectable By Instagram
  • Updated For The Latest Algorithm
  • Fast Post Detection
  • Regular Updates
*Please bear in mind that AI Comments only functions in English and for posts in English. We are currently working on developing it for other languages as well.

Custom Comments

CustomComments is a new feature in which you create a bank of random comments specific to your account. The packages are based on how many comments will be added to each post. The more comments you add to your bank, the better and more realistic it will look!

*Should you require comments in a language other than English, then Custom Comments will be a better fit for you.


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