What does CFS mean on Instagram?

Oct 27, 2022

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Let’s get to the main topic. If you are a regular user of social media platforms, you will have likely come across many acronyms and slang terms. CFS is a common term you’ll find most popular among Instagram users. This is a very popular millennial slang.

CFS is an acronym that you must know if you use Instagram. What is CFS on Instagram? Continue reading to find out more about CFS.

What is the Meaning of CF in Instagram?

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CF stands for Close Friends, which was added to Instagram in 2018. This private story is only available to a select few members who are close friends. Only CF members are permitted to view the posts. Why should you share everything with everyone?

You can create a close friend (CF) group. Only they will be able to view and comment on your posts and stories. Many people use Instagram to promote their businesses and brands. It is important to separate your professional and personal lives. The CF feature is the best option.

In other words, only a few people can create segmented lists with their followers that they want to share their Instagram Stories or posts. This is a safety feature that prevents personal stories and experiences from becoming public and embarrassing.

CFS is ideal for people who don’t know much about their Instagram followers and how they might judge posts or stories. They can change the privacy settings and add or remove followers at their own discretion. The post can only be viewed by the selected friends and family.

CFS allows you to make any post or image private via social media. This makes it possible for not everyone to see and share your posts. You now know what CF is and how to make an Instagram friend list.

Steps to activate the CFS Feature

If you want to share funny and cute videos and photos with only your best friends, activate the CF function by following these steps.

  • Open the Instagram app, and tap on your profile at the bottom right corner.
  • Click the menu button in the top-right to search for Close Friends. This is it!
  • Tap “Get Started” if you don’t already have a Close fried List. Then, select the friends you wish to add as CF. Once you’ve selected your friend names, click “Create List”.
Attractive woman lies in bed and makes selfie


As we have already discussed, CF means close friends. It is a popular term on Instagram. CF allows you to restrict access to certain information to a select few people. It is also a security feature that keeps your location hidden from prying eyes. You now have a better understanding of CF and how it works on Insta. Share your posts with your closest circle without hesitation.

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