How To Pin A Comment on Instagram?

Jan 8, 2023

how to pin a comment on instagram 2022Instagram is trying to reduce negative comments and praise positive or valuable comments. These comments are called pinned comments on Instagram.

This is why I am here to tell you how to stop hating Instagram users with the new feature of pinned comments.

What are pinned comments?

A pinned comment refers to a comment that appears at top of a post, or in the comment summary which appears in the feed.

Instagram notifies the author when someone pins a comment from another person.

This option allows you to pin comments to make it easier to manage them.

How to pin a comment on Instagram?

A single post can contain up to three comments. Users can now pin up to three comments on a single post. This allows them to focus on the comments they want to highlight.

No matter when they were written, comments appear at the top of each post’s comments.

Only pin content to your own posts

To pin a comment, go to the comment you want, swipe it to your left, and you will see three options.

The comment will appear at top of the post when you tap on the pin symbol.

Attention There are rules…

  • Your comments cannot be pinged
  • You cannot pin comments replies

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How to use Instagram pin comments for

your strategy?

It’s possible to pin comments to Instagram posts. Brands can decide which comments they want viewers to see when they first arrive at their posts.

These are just three examples of how you could use pinned comments to your advantage on Instagram.

It can be used to get testimonials or reviews from your customers

We all know that reviews and the opinions of others about products or services will assist us in making a decision.

Pin positive comments to highlight user reviews and testimonials in real-time. This will allow potential customers to see positive reviews from other users and help them make a decision.

It can be used to answer common questions

Is there a common thread that has a lot of questions from followers?

Answer the question and anchor it if users ask the same questions repeatedly. This will ensure that when users ask the same questions, they see your answer first, and will not have doubts about your product.

Interesting comments to pin

This feature allows you to highlight comments that users find interesting about your posts and your content.

This will allow you to attract users to your publications.

Depending on the type of content that you publish, it is possible to use it to encourage people to comment, or to begin conversations with your followers.
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