How To Find Out New Followers on Instagram

Mar 26, 2023

Have you recently boarded the Instagram craze by registering an account on the Instagram app? Or are you looking to find new followers and grow your Instagram account? Having an audience that is engaged with what you do and the content you post can help create a positive reputation for your brand.

You know how important it is, but getting started on finding quality leads can be daunting. Don’t panic – in this blog post, we will give some easy tips to help you get ahead of the game when it comes to growing your Instagram account.

Find out how to find out new followers on Instagram effectively without going crazy in the process!


1. Follow People Who Post About Topics That Interest You

A great way to increase engagement with Instagram users is by finding like-minded accounts that post about topics of interest and then start engaging with them. Commenting and liking their posts, sharing or reposting stories, and even following those accounts will not only help broaden your network, but it may even draw them over to check out your page too!

When done properly, you’ll soon notice a real increase in interactions as even their followers become curious about what YOU’RE all about. So find the accounts that are creating content tailored for your target audience (students, parents, etc.) and start interacting today.

Also, beware of users who reach out to you with shady interests or ghost-follow you since they are fake followers trying to stalk people. You can also identify them with Instagram accounts that are rarely used or users who don’t interact with the content you post.


2. Create An Impactful Instagram Bio

Start by introducing yourself and letting folks know who you are. Consider including some of your passions too! Engage readers with personality and creative puns – anything that will make you stand out from the crowd and draw in potential new followers.

Tie in relevant keywords whenever possible so your profile can be easily discovered. Finally, don’t forget to include a call to action, invite people to check out links, or direct message you for more information.


3. Comment And Like Other Users’ Posts

Gaining Instagram followers can be a struggle. It’s all about getting people to pay attention to your profile and sticking out from the crowd for others to take notice. One of the easiest – and most rewarding – ways to do this is by liking and commenting on posts from other users. This shows them you exist, plus it helps spread the exposure far beyond what your current following could provide.

While it might seem a bit intimidating to reach out to strangers online, it’s an incredibly effective way to connect with potential followers and even leads – after all, many businesses use Instagram for marketing purposes.

Doing this also helps you become more engaged with the platform, as you take action beyond simply scrolling through your Instagram feed and timeline. You can peek into conversations and even create meaningful relationships, so don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Not only does it communicate that there are others interested in their content, but their friends will likely take note when their posts get more activity than usual. Like and comment on posts frequently, and soon you’ll see an uptick in your own follower count!


4. Tap Into Relevant Hashtags To Expand Audience Reach

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Hashtags have become an intricate part of social media that allows us to get our content seen. On Instagram specifically, using relevant hashtags is key to reaching a wider audience and finding potential new followers.

Start by creating a hashtag that’s specific and relevant to your brand; this will set you apart from the generic hashtags typically used by influencers, and help you hone in on a dedicated community. When it comes to searching hashtags, a branded hashtag isn’t necessarily the most popular.

Selecting tags with a lower frequency can really draw attention to your post as it has less competition, while still targeting an audience that is still interested in your message. If you’re looking for more visibility, consider including up to 3 relevant Instagram hashtags in each post and story. With a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness in tagging, you’ll be sure to reach more Instagram followers.


5. Share Your Own Original Content

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Establishing yourself as a thought leader on Instagram isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you create and share captivating content that’s tailored to the platform, it can help attract new followers. Make sure your content is original and relevant so you can stand out from the crowd–it’s important to avoid rehashing old ideas from other sources as it makes you seem unoriginal.

Creating and sharing original content could include a series of Instagram posts about a single topic, an in-depth guide highlighting all your expertise, or something as simple as taking great photos with captions that stand out from the crowd.

By creating pieces of content truly unique to you, you can attract more eyes, new followers, and even more engagement from those already loyal to you. Take the time to think about what’s special about you and your brand and how best to draw attention to it with quality content – and hopefully, you’ll start seeing that follower counts increase.


6. Connect With Other Users On Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a fantastic way to grow your Instagram followers and also to engage with other users. If you participate in conversations with industry professionals and influencers, you can introduce yourself, make a great impression, share content, and ultimately find more people who concur with what similar professionals in the industry say.

When engaging with other professionals, don’t forget to create an eye-catching story that can serve as an introduction to yourself. Your Instagram story post should include a photo or image, light text – such as your name or contact information – and plenty of hashtags that draw attention. Don’t forget the juicy hashtag game! Hashtags are key when it comes to driving more traffic to your profile and finding new Instagram followers.


7. Promote Your Account On Other Social Media Platforms

If you’re looking to boost your follower count on Instagram, then promoting your account on other social media platforms is a great way to do so. It helps expand your reach and brings in followers from other networks who might not have heard of you before.

First, research relevant hashtags and accounts related to your content, and then interact with those users by following their posts or leaving comments. You can even consider sponsoring a post through one of the many advertising platforms to give it maximum exposure. Finally, don’t forget to use the same approach on Instagram—post daily while actively engaging with other content.

When done consistently, these efforts will expose your work to a much larger audience, leading to a newfound interest in your profile as well as an uptick in followers.


8. Host A Contest Or Giveaway On Instagram

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Holding a contest or giveaway on Instagram for your followers is an excellent way to find new readers and potential customers. You can encourage user-generated content by asking your current followers to share the contest or giveaway with their friends, significantly expanding the reach of your post. Additionally, you could encourage entrants to follow your account as a requirement of entering – providing you with even more exposure.

Everyone loves free stuff, and you can get creative in how you package up the prizes by selecting items that reflect your brand’s aesthetic, philosophy, and relevance. Having interesting and unique giveaways will ensure greater engagement on your posts and open up new avenues for business promotion.

For example, create a contest where people have to post something related to the prize with your brand hashtag. That way, when people search for that hashtag, your page will come up in their results! Not only do contests on Instagram get your name out there, but they also make it easy for you to engage with members of your growing audience.


9. Schedule Instagram Posts

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Maximizing your reach on Instagram can be challenging, so it pays to plan ahead and schedule posts for maximum attention. Not only can you ensure that key messages or product launches don’t slip through the cracks, but setting up a posting plan is an easy way to increase your follower count.

Using social media automation tools, you can upload and group content within a single dashboard, giving you control over when exactly it goes live and where in your feed it should appear. Even more importantly, scheduling ensures that posts go out consistently–a consistent presence coupled with great visuals is sure to grab the attention of potential followers who might not have discovered your account yet.


10. Use Services

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Final Thoughts On How To Find Out New Followers On Instagram

While there are a lot of Do’s to finding new followers on Instagram, there are quite a few Don’ts of which you should be aware. In an attempt to gain more Instagram followers, some people deliberately begin interacting with you jovially only to get a grasp of the accounts you follow or accounts that have recently followed you.

Fortunately, Instagram no longer allows anyone to view someone’s recent followers but there are always third-party means to get the information you need. A few others also try tracking when someone has recently followed another on the platform, but again, only DM’s and Instagram Recent Posts will show you the exact date and time.

The key takeaway here is don’t expect new followers overnight – growing an audience takes hard work and dedication. Your Instagram content and presence should be consistent and relatable to ensure meaningful interactions and to increase Instagram followers.


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