We offer many Instagram Powerlike services with different follower tiers. Guaranteed to help you get onto the explore page to go viral.



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Bonus free gift every month

Any active services from Elite, Prime & Pro will now receive a monthly free service. This will randomize every month and could be anything from a free service for a month to a 3rd party free service. Check your email monthly to receive your free gift code.

GOSO Dynamic Engine Update

GOSO has been working hard on the biggest update since launch. Its taken over 6 months to build and release and now its been added to every service we provide.

  • Faster detection times for new posts by 2x

  • Faster ordering of the services by 1.5x

  • Intelligent drip-feed system to make the service seem more organic

  • Every account has been upgraded to 4g proxies to avoid detection from Instagram

  • Auto reordering system to top up services if they fail to arrive

  • We are fully undetectable by Instagram because the accounts mimic human behaviour

  • You will rarely see the same person liking your posts, we ensure that everything is random and organic

  • We update the engine weekly to ensure we are always 1 step ahead of every competitor

  • With every Instagram update, we can easily change settings to ensure we are not hit with problems

Improve your post statistics and reach

When you start using GOSO services, you will see a dramatic increase in post statistics in your Instagram post insights. This will show you how well your post performed and if it hit the hashtags or explore page.

Drip Feed Explained

We will drip feed most services to ensure an organic pattern. Lower packages such as the lite packages will receive limited drip feeds due to the small amounts of services.

Here is an example of how a drip feed works

Let’s imagine you have the 1000 likes package.  1000 likes will be randomly divided into multiple runs to appear realistic. We randomize every drip feed amount to ensure we are never detectable by Instagram.

200 likes when we detect your post and ordered. As they start appearing, we will order another batch of 200 within 5 minutes. Same applies with the second drip feed and we will carry on ordering at random intervals until you receive your 1000 likes.

The bigger the service the longer the drip feed to appear organic. Receiving all of your likes in 1 time does not work and will look obviously fake. Since Instagrams update in late 2017, they patched this in their algorithm. Nowadays, slow and steady likes is what will get your post viral.

Quality of your post

We cannot perform miracles if your post is of low quality. We encourage all of our customers to post good quality images, researched hashtags and engagement text. Posting poor content will not encourage growth and you will not see the desired results expected. We release tutorial videos on our Youtube channel to help educate Instagrammers to grow. Visit the channel at

Detecting your posts

Once your service is live and purchased. You can log into the control panel and add your Instagram username. As soon as you add your username, we will start detecting your posts within a few minutes. Old posts will not receive services. Once we have detected your post, we will start the ordering process.

Organic & realistic arrival of likes

The old days of DM groups, Auto rounds and classic powerlikes are the thing of the past. Instagram released a big update in the summer of 2019 that changed the game. Powerlike companies lost their networks overnight, rendering their services useless. All because they automated the likes 24 hours a day on the same IP address. It doesn’t take a genius to spot this and their algorithm put a stop to them. As GOSO doesn’t require your password and we manage our own networks with the very latest settings. We were undetected and now one of the biggest Instagram growth companies in the world.

We send likes from totally different accounts every time. This tricks the algorithm and stops any patterns forming. You will see it in your post insights on how well GOSO services will help your posts.

No Password Required & account safety

As we don’t require your password for likes, views, saves & comments. Your accounts are 100% safe with GOSO. Post content, relax and watch your services boost your posts and help gain more followers, interactions and engagement.

If you are using Telegram bots or services that require your password. Please change your password ASAP as you will damage your account.

Daily reset time for services

12 am CET is our daily reset time. So if you have posted more than 3 times a day, you will need to wait for the reset time. Once reset, you can post and receive services.

Professional customer support

We have a dedicated team of support specialists that will assist you. Simply log in and send a support ticket.

Confused about our packages?

Log into GOSO and send a support ticket, our support team will check your account and ensure you have selected the correct service.

Cancel at any time & no contracts

Every service is a monthly subscription, but you can cancel your auto payments at any time. Simply log in to the control panel and cancel the subscription. Your services will continue to run until the end of the subscription.

Who is GOSO?

We are a legally registered Social Media Marketing company based in sunny Barcelona. We help 1000’s of customers grow on Instagram, which includes top influencers & celebrities. Our offices are in the centre of Barcelona.

We have dominated Instagram marketing services for nearly 2 years. We evolve with every update and enhance our services. Our priority is growth and security for all of our 1000’s of customers.

We will never publically disclose our clients without consent

At GOSO we believe in anonymously for all of our customers. By default, we will never disclose publically about celebrity or influencer customers.  Your account is 100% safe and will never be leaked for promotional purposes. We may contact you for a review or to be featured in our advertising campaigns. But this is through consent.

80% of social media growth companies depend on us

Our reputation throughout the years is a good one. So much that agencies now resell our services to resell, even our biggest competitors resell our services.

All of our services does not include local taxes

Every country in the EU has different taxes based on the location. If you live in the EU, you will be charged tax based on your country. Outside of the EU is tax-free, so if you live in the United States. No taxes will be added.

The checkout will list the taxes added based on your country in the EU.

Discover how to get your posts viral on the Instagram Explore Page with GOSO Powerlikes

Instagram Powerlikes & Growth techniques is what make us the industry leader in Instagram SMM & Growth. Guaranteed to help your posts go viral on the explore page or on hashtags. Works with any niche, any language & we can even target your followers with our PowerGrowth packages. Increase your conversions, get more leads, supersize your sales, more followers and engagement. We are recommended by 1000’s of Instagrammers worldwide that rely on our professional Powerlikes services, from top Instagram influencers to celebrities.

Works with the latest Instagram Algorithm Changes & Will help you grow on the explore page

Who doesn’t want to reach the explore page, we will increase the chance of your post on the famous explore page. You will have 1000’s of new impressions, clicks to your profile & even stay on the explore page for longer. We ensure our Powerlikes are drip-fed to ensure it stays on the explore page for longer. All you have to do is post a good photo with great engagement text & choose the correct hashtags. We will do the rest to ensure the powerlikes make you go viral on Instagram.