Instagram Story Views

Instagram Story Views

Instagram story views are becoming more and more relevant to your position on the Explore page. The more views you get on your stories, the higher you will rank on your followers’ feeds. And if you rank highly on your followers’ feeds, then Instagram’s algorithm will naturally show you (via Explore and hashtag page) to others who could be interested in following you.


who is your target audience

Step 1 to any advertising strategy. Analyze the results of your previous ads. What’s the age/gender/location/interest? Which ads trigger a purchase?

Create custom content

Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they want to see more of. Instagram’s surveys and polls are a fantastic way to engage with your audience, which is another big plus for getting more followers.

Be emotional

Instagram is not a platform for corporate seriousness, and emotional marketing is a thing! Customers don’t make logical decisions, but emotional ones. Find out more here.

Verify your basic settings

If your Instagram Stories attract new potential customers to your profile, they will read your bio first. Make sure it’s complete and clear. You can also add your favorite stories to the ‘featured stories’ section under the bio.

interactive templates

Interactive templates allow your audience to take a screenshot and repost your story while filling it out with their own information. It can be a fun little game to help increase your engagement. This is what we mean.


A shoutout is a linked reference to another’s Instagram profile. If you tag someone in your story, they have the ability to post it as their own story.

Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers can help your clients get to know you on a more personal level. It’s important to choose an influencer within your niche and check his/her statistics. The audience that follows them is important.

tell your story with videos

Stories have a 15-second limit. However, telling a long story by strategically using various 15-second clips can spark interest and curiosity. You can then attract your audience to your profile where you include more information i.e. in an IGTV or Reels video.

create engaging ads

There is a lot of competition on Instagram. Remember that every second counts and a clear message is more likely to grab people’s attention.

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