We have added a new push notification alert system for Windows, Android, Linux & Mac users.

With these secret notification alerts, you will be instantly notified on flash deals, service uptime & latest algorithm changes. This will ensure you are one step ahead of the competition and grow on Instagram.

Secret Deals & Beta Access

We regularly send out flash deals that will only last a few hours with a lot of discounts, this is exclusive to the push notification members only.

Plus as a bonus, we are always looking for beta testers to test out our new and upcoming services for Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, SEO, Twitter & Facebook. We are on a first come, first serve basis and will send out beta access codes for our push members.

Service & Algorithm Updates

Has Instagram made a new update that has caused issues? We will send an urgent push notification to let you know not to post.

Has Instagram released an update that changed the algorithm? We will let you know what to do and what not to do instantly.

How to get Instagram Notifications & Alerts?

Chrome for Windows, Mac, Android & Linux
for Mac
Firefox for Windows, Mac & Linux
Edge for Windows & Android
iOS Alerts coming soon

Visit GOSO.io and wait for the alert to popup

Then allow/accept the notification from GOSO Alerts. You are all set!

You will see the alert on whatever platform you allowed from. So if it was on your office Windows PC, you will NOT get alerts on your Android or Mac home laptop.
We recommend subscribing with all of your platforms such as Android and the PC’s that you regularly use.

You didn’t see the alert?

Click the red bell icon on the bottom right of the website & accept/allow the alerts.

How to unsubscribe

Its super easy, visit the website and click this red bell icon located on the bottom left.