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Jan 26, 2023

GOSO Review


Buzzoid Review


Looking for a better alternative to Buzzoid Instagram Followers? GOSO offers the best alternative to Buzzoid. In this post, we’ll be comparing two of the most popular Instagram marketing tools: GOSO and Buzzoid. We’ll compare them in the following categories: Real Comments, Post Booster, Follower Growth, Impressions, and Saves. 

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which tool is right for you and your Instagram goals.

What is GOSO?

GOSO is a social media company that can help you boost your online presence. We offer a variety of services to help you get more followers, likes, and views on your posts.

Our unique AI-powered system is one of a kind and has been featured in Forbes. We’re always developing new tools to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the best possible service. If you’re looking for a way to take your social media game to the next level, GOSO is the company for you.

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is a social media platform that allows users to interact with businesses in a fun and easy way. Buzzoid lets you buy followers, likes, and views, Buzzoid helps businesses build their social media profiles and get more exposure.

Features Comparison – GOSO vs Buzzoid

Real Comments

Get real IG comments from GOSO

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an Instagram tool is whether or not it provides real comments.

GOSO offers real custom comments from real IG accounts for reels and posts. This is a great way to increase your engagement and get your content seen by more people. With GOSO Real Comments, you can choose how many comments you want on each post, and they will be delivered in as fast as a few minutes.

With GOSO, you can rest assured that the comments you’re getting are coming from real people who are interested in your content. This high-quality engagement can help increase your reach and boost your overall visibility on Instagram. And because GOSO only works with real users, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught using fake followers or bots.

Our Real Comments feature provides authentic, handwritten comments that are specifically tailored for each of your posts. What you get are real, attention-grabbing comments that can invite more interaction to your posts.

Buzzoid doesn’t offer IG comments for their clients, so there’s no contest here. 

Winner: GOSO

Post Booster

Boost your IG posts with GOSO

Another important factor to consider when choosing an Instagram tool is how well it can help you promote your content. After all, what good is an Instagram tool if it doesn’t give you a way to reach more people with your posts?

GOSO’s Post Booster feature helps you get more views and engagement on your posts by boosting them to real people who are interested in your content. When you boost a post with GOSO, it will be shown in the feed of people who follow similar accounts to yours. This ensures that your content is being seen by people who are actually interested in what you’re posting – not just random people who are scrolling through their feeds. 

GOSO allows you to select specific hashtags that you want your content to be promoted to—which means you’re much more likely to reach your target audience with your boosted posts. 

What we offer is better than Instagram Ads. Plus, you’ll be getting them at a much lower cost. We offer tiered packages, so you can select the one that fits your budget and goals.

With our Post Booster service, you’ll get a boost on Instagram likes, followers, and views, as well as saves and impressions. Everything you need to catapult your Instagram account to success and acquire more followers can be found in our Instagram growth services!

Buzzoid, on the other hand, does not offer this option, which makes GOSO the clear choice if you’re looking to grow your account.

Winner: GOSO


Prepare your account for massive growth with GOSO Impressions

The number of impressions your content receives is another important metric to consider when choosing an Instagram tool. GOSO offers a comprehensive impression priming system that allows you to gain momentum on your IG posts. With our system, your posts will gain natural reach and engagement with other users. We won’t give you likes, follows, and saves. Instead, we’ll help promote your content for more people to see.

Unfortunately, Buzzoid does not offer any sort of impression tracking, so if this is something that’s important to you, GOSO is the better option. 

Winner: GOSO

Buzzoid Follower Growth

Increase follower count with GOSO

Both services offer follower growth, but GOSO’s method is more organic. 

Buzzoid Instagram Followers features a service that lets you buy Instagram followers categorized under high-quality followers or active. The former has an Instagram username with a profile picture but no further uploads on the account, while the latter shows some activity. Buzzoid claims that both categories involve real followers, but they’re still susceptible to ‘drop-offs’.

With GOSO, you can choose how fast you want your follower growth to be, and you can also target a specific niche. This ensures that the followers you’re getting are actually interested in what you’re posting. Buzzoid’s follower growth is not as targeted, which means that even the premium followers you get may not be as engaged with your content.

GOSO’s Follower Growth service is done naturally and goes undetected by IG. You can safely grow your follower count between 500 to 3,000 each month, depending on your account strength. In the years that we’ve been doing this for our clients, we’ve never had a banned or blocked account, so rest assured that your account will be safe in our hands.

Due to the flexibility of GOSO’s Follower Growth service and its more targeted and organic growth method, GOSO bags the win for this category.

Winner: GOSO

Instagram Saves

Only GOSO offers Instagram Saves, which is a feature that lets you receive automatic IG post saves. Instagram saves are considered the most powerful indicator that your content is valuable. Instagram’s latest algorithm shows that this is one of the things that can get your Instagram posts on the coveted Explore page.

We doubt that any other social media marketing tool offers this kind of complex service. A Buzzoid review on its features reveals that the tool does not offer this kind of feature, so GOSO is the clear winner again for this round.

Winner: GOSO

GOSO vs Buzzoid Overall Winner – GOSO

GOSO is the winner when it comes to social media growth services

GOSO offers numerous services that can top Buzzoid’s, such as GOSO’s Instagram Follower Growth that can definitely top Buzzoid Instagram Followers. Even in the categories where both tools have similar features, GOSO still comes out at the top because of its more sophisticated and secure method of helping IG accounts.

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to increase your engagement and boost your follower count. After all, a larger following can lead to more opportunities, whether you’re looking to increase sales for your business or gain more exposure for your personal brand.

This comparison post should have made it clear why GOSO is the best choice for you. We’ve won many awards for several years for providing the best social media marketing services, so you should have no doubt about our brand. 

If you have more questions about our services or wish to know how we can help you, feel free to contact us.

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