How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024 (They Still Matter)

Dec 22, 2023

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How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024

Struggling to catch eyes on your Instagram posts? Likes are not just hearts; they’re the currency of Instagram’s bustling market of attention. Our guide is packed with practical tips that’ll turn those silent scrollers into avid likers.

Dive in and watch those likes multiply!

Key Takeaways

  • Posting multiple images, using the right Instagram hashtags, and tagging other accounts can increase Instagram likes.
  • Sharing posts when Instagram followers are most active and creating compelling captions with call-to-action phrases can prompt more engagement and likes.
  • Engaging with the Instagram community, sharing content on other platforms, staying authentic and relatable, and incorporating Reels into content can also boost likes.

Do Instagram likes still matter, even if they’re hidden?

Instagram likes still matter a lot. Even if others can’t see them, they help your posts show up more. The Instagram algorithm looks at likes to figure out what is popular. This means that the more likes you have, the more people might see your post.

Likes also let you know what content works best. They are like secret clues. If a photo gets lots of likes, it shows that your followers love it. So, keep track of your own like numbers and use this info to make better posts in the future!

9 ways to get more Instagram Likes

Getting more likes on Instagram can make your posts more popular. Here are some tips to help you boost your likes and get noticed.


  • Post multiple images: Adding several pictures to a post can keep people looking longer, which may lead to more likes.
  • Hold contests: Ask followers to like your post and tag friends for a chance to win something. This gets more eyes on your content.
  • Use the right Instagram hashtags: Find popular and relevant hashtags for your photos. They help users find your posts when they search for those words.
  • Tag other accounts: If you feature products or people, tagging them can get your posts shared with their followers too.
  • Don’t buy likes: It’s not good to buy likes because it’s against the rules and the likes might not be real.
  • Tag someone: If you tag a friend or a brand, they might share your post with their followers on Instagram.
  • Geotag photos: When you add a location to your photos, people searching that place can find and like your posts.
  • Write great captions: Tell interesting stories or ask questions in captions to engage folks and encourage them to like and comment.
  • Be consistent: Posting regularly helps you stay in front of followers so they remember to like your posts.


How to organically increase your Instagram Likes

So, you’ve learned some great ways to attract likes. Now let’s focus on growing them naturally. Share your story and show what makes you unique. People love seeing real moments that they can relate to.

Post pictures and videos that tell a tale – your morning routine, a day in the life, or behind-the-scenes peeks into your world.

Use the right hashtags to join bigger conversations and get noticed by more people. Don’t just go for the most popular ones; find tags that fit with what you’re posting about.

This way, folks who are interested in those topics will see your content and are more likely to hit ‘like’.

Make sure your photos stand out by taking high-quality shots with good lighting and clear focus. A nice-looking feed can pull people in.

Lastly, talk to other users! Leave comments on their posts, answer questions on yours, and thank everyone who interacts with you. The kindness comes back around as more likes when people feel connected to you.

How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Photos

Post when Instagram users engage the most, write compelling captions, share your Instagram posts on other platforms, cater to your target audience, and perfect your aesthetic.

Post when Instagram users engage the most.

Find out when your followers like to scroll through their feeds. Weekdays during the late mornings and early afternoons are good times to catch them online. Use tools like Instagram Insights to see exactly when most of your followers are checking their app.

That’s when you should share your best photos and videos. Hitting that sweet spot can mean more likes because more people will see your content right away.

Share posts at these peak hours, but keep an eye on what works for you. Each Instagram account can have a different best time based on who follows you and where they live. Test different hours and days to learn which ones get your posts in front of folks ready to double-tap!

Write compelling captions.

After determining the optimal time to post on Instagram, the next crucial step is crafting compelling captions. Captions play a vital role in engaging your audience and prompting them to like your posts.

An interesting or thought-provoking caption can captivate users’ attention and encourage them to engage with your content. Including relevant keywords, storytelling elements, or asking questions can entice followers to interact with your posts by leaving likes and comments.

Creating relatable captions that resonate with your target audience can also boost engagement levels. Additionally, utilizing call-to-action phrases in your captions such as “Double tap if you agree” or “Tag a friend who needs to see this” can prompt users to like and share your content, ultimately increasing the likelihood of gaining more likes on your Instagram photos.

Share your Instagram posts on other platforms.

Share your Instagram posts on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to expand your reach and attract more likes. By reaching a wider audience outside of Instagram, you can increase the chances of more people engaging with your content.

Embedding Instagram posts on blogs or websites provides an additional way for people to interact with the content, leading to more exposure and potentially more likes on your posts.

Utilizing other platforms to share your Instagram content not only increases visibility but also encourages cross-platform engagement. Expanding your presence beyond the confines of just one social media platform can significantly bolster your overall online reach and impact.

Cater to your target audience.

To increase likes on your Instagram photos, it’s important to cater to your target audience. Collaborate with similar creators to tap into each other’s audiences and attract followers who will engage with your content.

Using the right hashtags can help you reach the specific demographic you’re targeting and increase your photo likes on Instagram.

Holding contests or giveaways is another effective way to cater to your target audience and encourage them to like your posts. By tagging other accounts and including post locations, you can also expand your reach within the community that aligns with your content, ultimately boosting engagement and increasing likes on your Instagram photos.

Perfect your aesthetic.

Create a visually appealing and consistent theme on your profile to perfect your aesthetic on Instagram. High-quality photos, cohesive filters, and a well-crafted bio can enhance your overall look.

Utilize user-generated content and stay updated with the latest trends to keep your aesthetic fresh and engaging for your followers. Trending hashtags aligned with your content can also help increase discoverability, leading to more likes and Instagram engagement for your posts.

Embracing these strategies will elevate the appeal of your profile and attract more attention from users.

Share content when your followers are most active.

To get more likes on Instagram, it’s essential to share your content when your followers are most active. Posting at the right time increases the likelihood of engagement with your posts and consequently getting more likes.

Using Instagram’s analytics tool can help you determine the best times to post based on your followers’ activity, optimizing your posting schedule for maximum engagement. Consistency in posting at these peak times can lead to increased visibility and ultimately result in more likes on your Instagram photos.

Now let’s delve into writing compelling captions for your posts that will further enhance engagement and attract more likes.

Work the latest trends into your posts.

To keep your Instagram posts engaging and current, it’s essential to work the latest trends into your content. This involves staying updated with popular topics, hashtags, and features on the platform.

Creating Reels for your most share-worthy content is an effective way to take advantage of this popular feature and boost engagement. Additionally, using trending and relevant hashtags can help people find your posts and attract more likes on Instagram.

By incorporating these strategies into your posts, you can increase the visibility of your content and appeal to a wider audience. Staying abreast of the latest trends will not only enhance your post’s discoverability but also make it more appealing to users scrolling through their feeds.

Post consistently, but don’t flood the feed.

When it comes to maintaining an engaged audience on Instagram, consistency in posting is key. However, bombarding your followers’ feeds with multiple posts in a short period can lead to disengagement and unfollows.

Aim for a regular posting schedule that keeps your content visible without overwhelming your audience’s feed, thereby maintaining their interest and engagement.

Remember, the goal is not just to post frequently but also at strategic times when your followers are most active. By utilizing Instagram’s analytics tool to determine peak activity periods, you can ensure that your consistent postings effectively reach and resonate with your audience.

Be relatable.

Show your personality in your posts. Share real and relatable moments that your audience can connect with. Being authentic and genuine can help you build a loyal following who genuinely appreciate what you share.

Engage with your followers by responding to their comments or messages, showing them that there’s a real person behind the account. This personal connection can make your content more appealing and encourage others to like and engage with it.

Remember, people relate to real experiences. Sharing everyday moments can create a sense of familiarity for your audience, making them more likely to engage with your content. So, don’t be afraid to show the human side of your life – it could be the key to getting those likes flowing in!

Create Reels for your most share-worthy content.

When it comes to increasing your Instagram likes, creating Reels for your most share-worthy content can be highly effective. Posting engaging and entertaining video content, especially in the form of Reels, has been found to attract more attention and interaction on the platform.

This type of content tends to spark greater interest and participation from your followers, ultimately leading to higher engagement and more likes for your posts. Leveraging Reels for your best and most captivating content is a compelling way to boost your presence on Instagram and garner increased appreciation from your audience.

Participate in the Instagram community.

Engage with other Instagram users by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. This interaction helps build connections and loyalty within the community, leading to more likes on your content.

Additionally, participating in Instagram communities relevant to your niche can expose your content to a wider audience and increase the likelihood of receiving likes from new followers.

By being an active part of the platform and supporting others’ content, you’re likely to see increased engagement on your posts.

To effectively participate in the Instagram community, it’s crucial to genuinely engage with others’ content rather than just focusing on self-promotion. Prioritize building relationships and connecting with like-minded individuals to organically grow your presence on the platform.

Post more videos.

Posting more videos on Instagram is a proven way to boost engagement and get more likes. Videos capture attention and stand out in the feed, increasing the likelihood of followers stopping to watch and interact with your content.

Whether it’s sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, tutorials, or fun snippets, incorporating videos into your posts can lead to higher likes and better engagement overall. Additionally, Boomerang, which offers short 1-second looping videos, is another effective tool for grabbing attention from your followers.

– Can you buy likes on Instagram?

Pets and memes are always winners.

Posting pictures of pets and memes can attract many likes and engagement on Instagram. Users love cute animals and funny content, which often prompt them to interact with the posts by liking, commenting, or sharing.

Utilizing user-generated content can also show authenticity and encourage users to share their content, thus increasing likes and engagement. When aiming to boost your Instagram presence, incorporating pets and memes into your content strategy is a proven way to increase interaction with your audience.

– Why Likes and engagement are important

Try your competitors’ techniques.

To further boost your Instagram likes, it’s also worth exploring and adopting the strategies that have worked for your competitors. Observing their content styles, engagement tactics, and post timings can provide valuable insights into what resonates with a similar audience.

Additionally, you can learn from their collaborations or partnerships to expand your reach and tap into new follower segments. By keeping an eye on your competitors’ techniques and implementing successful elements in your strategy, you can enhance your presence and attract more likes organically.

For instance, collaborating with similar creators has been shown to increase visibility while using local and popular hashtags can extend the reach of your posts, ultimately leading to more engagement.

Run a giveaway contest.

Running a giveaway contest is an effective way to boost engagement and likes on Instagram. By offering a desirable prize, businesses can incentivize their followers to engage with their content, resulting in increased likes for the posts.

When businesses create captivating posts detailing the rules of the giveaway, it often leads to a significant spike in likes as followers actively participate in hopes of winning the prize.

A giveaway contest not only encourages higher engagement but also helps businesses attract more interested followers who are likely to continue engaging with their content beyond the duration of the contest.

Why Likes and engagement are important

Why Likes and engagement are important

Likes and engagement on Instagram show that your content is popular, which can help it rank higher on hashtags and the Explore page. This means more people will see your posts. When you have a lot of likes, it can make others trust your content more, leading to potential collaborations or sponsorships.

For businesses, high engagement can also mean increased reach and visibility. Making it to the Explore page could generate a sudden surge in new followers and likes for your account.

Understanding your audience through Instagram insight analytics helps you tailor your content to what they like, increasing the likelihood of receiving more likes and engagement.

Posts with many likes signify popularity on social media platforms like Instagram. Consequently, this metric can lead to greater opportunities for exposure or partnerships as well as create confidence in viewers about the quality of the content being posted.

Utilizing relevant strategies to get more likes can positively impact an account’s growth by increasing its chances of getting discovered by a wider audience within targeted niches or general user searches.

Can you buy likes on Instagram?

Buying likes on Instagram is not recommended and goes against Instagram’s guidelines. It can damage your credibility and authenticity. Your account may also get flagged or suspended if caught buying likes.

– Purchased likes are often from fake accounts, bots, or inactive users.

– These fake followers do not engage with your content, leading to a low engagement rate.

– Low engagement rates can hurt the visibility of your posts in the long run.

– Authentic engagement from real followers is more valuable for building a genuine community.

– Focus on creating high-quality content to attract real engagement instead of buying likes.

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1. What are some ways to get more likes on Instagram in 2024?

To get more likes on Instagram in 2024, use hashtags, post at the best time when followers are active, share great photos and videos, and engage with other accounts.

2. Can using Instagram Stories help me get more likes?

Yes, using Instagram Stories is a great way to connect with followers and can lead to getting more likes on your posts.

3. How do I promote my Instagram to get more followers and likes?

Promote your Instagram by sharing it on other social media platforms, using relevant hashtags, and creating content that starts conversations.

4. Why is it important to post high-quality content on Instagram?

High-quality content makes people want to like your photos and follow you because it’s interesting or beautiful which increases your engagement rate.

5. Will buying Instagram likes to help me grow my account?

Buying likes isn’t good for long-term growth; real engagement helps you form connections with new followers who truly like what you’re posting.

6. How does planning my Instagram feed affect my likes?

Planning your feed helps create an appealing look that reflects an impressive aesthetic; this attracts viewers who may give you even more likes.

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