GOSO.io Newsletter – 01/08/2018

Aug 1, 2018

Hi all,

We’ve had a lot more changes recently as we grow and it’s come to that time again to give you an update on what’s been going on at the GOSO.io offices since our last newsletter!
A New Head DeveloperIt’s a priority for us to ensure that our system is as stable and secure as possible. As our customer base continues to grow at such a rapid pace, we’ve decided to get more hands on deck to ensure that the quality of service is maintained at the standard we aim for.“…we’ve decided to get more hands on deck to ensure that the quality is maintained at the high standard we aim for.”Following this, we’d now like to introduce Greg to the team as our brand new Head  Developer! Greg has many, many years of experience in development within one of the biggest companies in the world and has already got deep into the technical side of the GOSO.io systems, making tweaks and improvements to the service. He’ll also be working on new products and solutions for our customers.One example of the improvements being described is…A New Updated PortalComing very soon to all of our customers is our newly updated portal for when you log into the GOSO.io website. Amongst other features, the new portal will be able to give you a detailed look at all the likes, comments, views, saves and followers that are being sent to your posts. It’s also had a complete makeover to make it more visually appealing, and even gives you control over the different services you have like never before.Accepting Credit/Debit CardsWe are very pleased to say that credit and debit cards will be accepted on GOSO.io in the coming days. Unlike our current PayPal option, paying by card will not be a recurring payment at this time, so be sure to remember to renew your service each month if you choose this option. You’ll receive two messages, one five days before the month’s service is over, and one the day before, to remind you.GOSO.io ExclusivityOver the past few months, we have grown very quickly in regards to customers, and as a business as a whole. With this new-found size to what we do, we have more responsibilities in terms of how many customers to look after, and how we manage our time accordingly. Due to this, we have decided to be more selective in who to have on our system as a customer. We are fast approaching our current customer limit of 4,000. Once we move to our larger office and employ the staff necessary, we will be able to continue growing whilst still delivering the standard of service. Interested in becoming a GOSO.io Affiliate? Visit our affiliate page at https://goso.io/affiliates/As we move forward, it continues to be a great time for GOSO.io, and we’re very pleased to have you on board. We’ll keep you up to date as we progress!Many thanks,The GOSO.io team.Interested in trying out one of our likes packages?Visit https://goso.io/powerlikes/ and use code CAMIO10% to get 10% off your purchase as an existing customer!

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