Be an Affiliate & earn money through

Make great commission

As a affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a fantastic 25% commision on any of our products. All you need to do is make sure your client goes to via your unique affiliate link, and the commission for that sale will be automatically aligned to YOUR name.

Affiliate bonuses

As well as making money, you are also entitled to our affiliate bonus scheme. As you make more sales, you gain more services from that you can use to strengthen your own social media accounts.

Simple and easy to start

All you need to do is sign up to receive your affiliate link, which you can share with your customers. Once they have visited via that link, any purchases they make will be automatically attributed to you – so you can focus on getting the link out to as many as possible.

Affiliate Reward Bonus’s as a thank you

Besides making great commision, you can also earn FREE access to many of our Instagram services to help boost your own social media presence – and drive more traffic to your own landing page. Have a look below to see what great services you could receiving for FREE when you sell services!

REFERRALS Bonus Earned
1 Rookie Powerlikes Elite (7 days)
25 Rookie Powerlikes Lite (one month)
50 Rookie Powerlikes Lite (one month)
100 Rookie Powerlikes Elite (one month)
250 Rookie Powerlikes Elite (one month)
500 Rookie Powerlikes Prime (one month)
1000 Rookie Powerlikes Prime (one month)
1500 Rookie Powerlikes Prime (one month)
2000 Epic Powerlikes Pro (one month)
3000 Epic Powerlikes Pro (one month)
5000 Rookie Power Growth (one year)
10000 Epic Power Growth (one year)
20000 Legendary Power Growth (one year)
30000 Mythic Power Growth (one year)



See our full Affiliate Policy here!

We look after our affiliates

We offer great commissions for every paid service at

  • We payout once you have gained €100 or more in commissions
  • We currently payout via Paypal

See our full Affiliate Policy here!

Powerful GOSO Affiliate Tools 

  • We will supply you with your very own unique affiliate link.
  • Dedicated customer support via tickets, Telegram & Skype. If you have any issues, you are dealing with a dedicated support advisor. 
  • We will supply you with banners, text and links that are unique to your website.
  • Detailed statistics on how well you are doing in realtime. You will have access to monthly reports that show unique clicks, return clicks, purchases and commission. 
  • Setup unlimited keywords on your affiliate links, so you can track what is working best for you. You can setup unlimited custom affiliate links for Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Then see how much traffic and sales are going through. 
  • Detailed leads page displaying referral information such as the date & time on when someone registered or purchased a product and if they are active. 
  • You will be given unique coupon codes to give to your audience. Every time they use it, it will trigger the commission for your account. We have very competitive coupon codes for you to show the world and they are 100% unique to your affiliate account. You will see how many people have used the coupon codes too and how much commission was generated. 
  • We have a send to a friend feature. You can log in and simply add a name and email. Our system will send an email to the user with a welcome email and a unique €10 coupon code. If they use it, you get the commission.
  • Commission is set at 25% of the value of the product minus tax and coupon discount. This is only for the 1st payment, however any extra products that users purchases in the future will trigger more commission for you. This is for the life of the account. 
  • Referral cookies are set for 1 year. So if anyone clicks your links without registering and they visit the site months later. You will still get the commission. 

See our full Affiliate Policy here!