Instagram Reels Hashtags Ideas You Can Use

Apr 13, 2023

Are you seeking more creative and unique ways to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram? Hashtags have long been used as an effective tool for marketing, but now with the new Reels feature from Instagram, using hashtags has even more potential!

With cleverly curated Reels that add hashtags, you can connect with a larger audience and get discovered by those interested in your showcasing. To help get your creativity flowing, we want to give you some great examples of how to use the right hashtags on your Reels so that people can keep up with all the fantastic content you create!


What are the Reasons For Using Hashtags on Reels?

Before we dive into some great ideas for your Reels hashtags, let’s take a minute to think about why using them is important.


Reach the Right Audiences

Hashtags on Instagram Reels help you reach the right people who may be interested in your content. Users can quickly find your video when searching for related topics by including relevant hashtags for Instagram reels.

This is an effective way to attract organic followers and engage with new audiences that wouldn’t have come across your video otherwise. Suppose you’re creating content related to fitness. In that case, you can use hashtags like “fitnessmotivation” or “workouttips” in your Reel so people looking for fitness-related content can easily find it.

Even when creating content outside your niche, you can include hashtags like “InstagramReels” or “trendingontiktok” to connect with the right audiences.


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Improve Visibility

Hashtags also help improve the visibility of your Instagram Reels as they appear in search results on the platform. This increases your chances of getting views from users who are actively looking for content related to the hashtag.

You can also tap into trending hashtags and get more visibility for your video, as people tend to be curious about what’s going on and explore those topics further. Using multiple relevant hashtags will give videos from you a better chance of appearing in those search results and increase engagement with potential followers who may not have seen your Reel otherwise.

Another great way to improve visibility is by using branded hashtags that can help create awareness around your brand or product. You can then use this branded hashtag consistently across all your Reels to create a “brand identity” that other users can quickly recognize.

Increase Engagement

Hashtags also help to increase engagement with your Reels. People are more likely to engage with content tagged with relevant hashtags, so use them on your Reels. You can use popular hashtags associated with your video’s theme, or you can create custom hashtags that only relate to your content. This will help to get more viewers and increase engagement.

Additionally, when using popular hashtags, be sure to monitor the hashtag regularly. This will help you to become familiar with your target audience and better understand what content resonates most with them. Finally, don’t forget to use relevant emojis in your hashtags! Emojis can be a great way to add color and personality to your captions while also helping to draw attention to your Reels.

Check Out the Competition

Finally, it’s important to watch what your competition is doing. By checking out the hashtags used by competitors, you can get a better idea of what content resonates with their followers and how they are utilizing hashtags to gain views and engagement.

You can also identify any potential opportunities to create content that is different or unique. This will help set your Reels apart and give users something new to enjoy. Like, if you are a fashion brand and your competitors are using the hashtag “ootd” (outfit of the day), then you can try creating content that uses hashtags like “lookbook” or “streetstyle .”By being creative, you can find unique ways to engage with your followers and stand out from the competition.

How Can You Pick the Right Reels Hashtags?

Now that you know why hashtags are so important for Instagram Reels, the next step is to pick the right ones. To do this, you should consider a few different factors, and let’s discuss them.


Target Audience

You need to consider who your content is aimed at and which hashtags will engage them the most. It’s also a good idea to look at your audience demographics to better understand the type of hashtags they are likely to be searching for.

You should also consider any relevant industry or niche hashtags that will help you reach the right people. Suppose you run a health and fitness channel. Try using fitness hashtags like ‘fitnessmotivation’ or ‘workouttips .’Another great way to capture the attention of your target audience is by including location-specific hashtags. If you aim at a local audience, use hashtags such as ‘NYC’ or ‘London.’

Relevant Content

You also need to ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your Instagram Reels content. Try and use keywords that match the topic of your video or image. This will help attract the right people to your Instagram Reels content you post and increase engagement.

Additionally, you should consider popular hashtags commonly used in your niche. If there’s a trending hashtag, include it in your caption to ensure maximum reach for your content. Last but not least, ensure all hashtags you use are appropriate for the type of content you’re posting, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of words and phrases.


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Quality of Hashtags

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using high-quality hashtags. This means avoiding overly-generic or overused hashtags and any hashtags that are too specific and don’t have a wide reach. Use the best hashtags to engage your target audience without being too broad or too narrow.

Also, keep track of which hashtags you’re using and how they are performing so that you can adjust them accordingly. This will help you determine which hashtags are working and which ones aren’t so that you can optimize your Reels posts for maximum engagement.


Finally, you should also consider the timing of when you post your Reels. You want to make sure that you’re posting at a time when people are likely to be browsing and engaging with content. It’s also a good idea to check out the performance of previous posts and see how they were affected by different times of the day. This will help you determine when people will most likely engage with your content and optimize your posting schedule accordingly.

By considering these factors, you can ensure you’re using the right hashtags for each Instagram Reels post. With the right target audience, relevant content, quality hashtags, and the best timing to follow hashtags, you can maximize your reach and engagement on Instagram Reels.


Instagram Reels Hashtags Ideas You Can Use

By considering these factors, you can develop some innovative and creative hashtag strategy ideas that will help you get the most out of your Reels content. Here are a few examples:



  1. #FitnessMotivation
  2. #FitnessGoals
  3. #GymLife
  4. #WorkoutWednesday
  5. #Fitspo
  6. #YogaLovers
  7. #FitFam
  8. #SweatSesh
  9. #FitLife
  10. #StrengthTraining
  11. #GymTime
  12. #NoPainNoGain
  13. #BodyGoals
  14. #FitnessJourney
  15. #BurnBabyBurn
  16. #HealthIsWealth
  17. #FitFreaks
  18. #TrainInsane
  19. #GymVibes
  20. #FitnessFun
  21. #FitFluencer
  22. #GymAddict
  23. #TrainHarder
  24. #SweatIt


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  1. #TravelAddict
  2. #Wanderlust
  3. #ExploreMore
  4. #PassportReady
  5. #NeverStopExploring
  6. #AdventureSeeker
  7. #InstaTraveling
  8. #TravelGoals
  9. #Wanderer
  10. #RoamingSouls
  11. #TripOfALifetime
  12. #LetsGoSomewhere
  13. #Globetrotter
  14. #SightSeeing
  15. #VacationMode
  16. #HolidayVibes
  17. ​#DreamDestination
  18. ​#GreatOutdoors
  19. ​#CultureTrip
  20. ​#NatureLover
  21. ​#TravelMore
  22. ​#TravelDiary
  23. ​#VacayMode
  24. ​#TravellerLife


  1. #Foodie
  2. #Delicious
  3. #Yummy
  4. #Yum
  5. #FoodPorn
  6. ​#EatClean
  7. #HomeCooking
  8. ​#ChefLife
  9. ​#FoodPhotography
  10. ​#TastesOfTheWorld
  11. ​#VeganFoodie
  12. ​#Foodstagram
  13. ​#CulinaryDelight
  14. ​#KitchenGoals
  15. ​#FoodBlogger
  16. ​#CookingTime
  17. ​#ChefsTable
  18. ​#Gastronomy
  19. ​#ChefMode
  20. ​#NomNom​


  1. #Viral
  2. #Trending
  3. #Exploding
  4. #Frenzy
  5. #GoingViral
  6. ​#GoCrazy
  7. ​#TrendingNow
  8. #SocialMediaBuzz
  9. ​#PopularHashtag
  10. ​#InternetSensation
  11. ​#MostTalkedAbout
  12. ​#AllOverThePlace
  13. ​#BlowingUp
  14. #ViralContent
  15. ​#GoingNuts
  16. ​#BreakingTheInternet
  17. ​#MustSee
  18. ​#TrendingTopic
  19. #TakeOff
  20. #GoWild​


  1. #Lifestyle
  2. ​#LifeGoals
  3. #LiveLaughLove
  4. ​#MyStyle
  5. #Fashionista
  6. ​#HappinessIs
  7. #SimplePleasures
  8. #LivingMyBestLife
  9. #GoodVibesOnly
  10. #DreamBig
  11. #BeYou
  12. #LifeLessons
  13. ​#DreamChaser
  14. ​#LifeIsBeautiful
  15. ​​#LiveFree
  16. #CreateYourHappiness
  17. ​​#PursuePretty
  18. ​​#RelaxAndEnjoyLife
  19. ​​​​​​MakeMemoriesEveryday
  20. EnjoyTheLittleThingsInLife
  21. ​​YouOnlyLiveOnce
  22. ​LifeIsAnAdventure
  23. ​CelebrateTheJourney
  24. ​LoveYourselfFirst



  1. #Photography
  2. #PhotoOfTheDay
  3. #InstaPic
  4. ​#Shutterbugs
  5. #Snapshot
  6. ​#Photoshoot
  7. #Photograph
  8. #Visuals
  9. ​#PicturePerfect
  10. #PicOfTheDay
  11. #PicoftheWeek
  12. #Instagood
  13. ​#Photogram
  14. #IGers
  15. ​​#SnapHappy
  16. #InstaPhoto
  17. #CaptureTheMoment
  18. #Photofreak
  19. #Photoparadise
  20. #ShotOniPhone


Two people in front of laptop giving free Instagram comments to each other

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