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Apr 26, 2018

Introducing our NEW Viral Instagram Powerlikes for Instagram & FREE Upgrade for existing customers


We released Vanity likes 2.0 a few weeks ago to the public… we are not going to lie to you but we were let down. A new update by Instagram crippled all service providers & made them unreliable. In some cases arriving after 60 minutes, which is unacceptable. We have spent days tweaking, testing and we have now upgraded Vanity likes to Viral Instagram Powerlikes. This is a huge update & we have totally scrapped the vanity powerlikes altogether.

What to expect with our New Viral Powerlikes?

  • Guaranteed to appear on your posts before the deadline
  • Dramatically increased quality of the pages liking your posts
  • We ensure the accounts are better quality than the vanity likes
  • We have tweaked the settings for the latest Instagram Algorithm change
  • We have randomized each like to ensure it will never leave patterns or footprints
  • 100% Undetectable by Instagram Guaranteed
  • Huge chance of going viral and hitting the explore page
  • Don’t believe us? Check your post analytics and see your posts skyrocket

FREE Trial to prove Viral Instagram Powerlikes will increase your visibility & higher chances of going viral


If you want to test out the new viral powerlikes. Get our Viral Lite Powerlikes Package for FREE for 1 month. Simply use this voucher name ‘VIRALPOWERLIKES‘ at the checkout to get this FREE offer. If you want to use the voucher on our other Viral Powerlikes Packages, use the same code for $9.99 OFF. See all the updated packages here:

Instagram Changing the game yet again… & GOSO adapting to changes

Instagram changed the game last week by removing a key element from their servers, this was due to problems with secrecy with Facebook going to court. Meaning it is a lot harder for us to detect your posts, however our development team found a way around this. Our GOSO system is now 100% stable after this update by Instagram. Plus another algorithm change hit us last week, we changed to viral powerlikes to ensure it 100% works and undetectable by Instagram.

We are the only company in the world that adapts to Instagrams changes. All of our services work with the latest algorithm changes. If you are still using traditional powerlike services that don’t drip feed or change users liking your posts every time (the same group of people liking all the time). You will put your account at risk. We 100% guarantee that our services will never damage your accounts.

How do you get the FREE upgrade to Viral Powerlikes?

If you ARE already a paying customer of our powerlikes services, we have automatically upgraded your account to receive the New Viral Powerlikes update. You will be price fixed to what you originally paid for. However if you cancel your subscription, you will not get your original price. Our existing customers will be getting the viral powerlikes at cost price, meaning we will not be making any profit.

If you are NOT already a paying customer, we have packages starting from €9.99 per month. Simply visit this page to see all of our packages: and get a free trial.

Viral Powerlikes Price Increase

All new orders will have the new increased price. The cost of running these new Viral Powerlikes cost a lot more to run and manage. View all of our Powerlikes packages here:

Still not convinced with GOSO?

We have grown so quickly over the last 6 months. We have over 2200 customers to date ranging from big celebrities to massive influencers using our services. We have grown so much that agencies are reselling our products & services. Customer support is needed due to the new demand. We have employed 2 new full-time staff and we are moving to a new office in the center of sunny Barcelona. Everything should be fully operational by mid-May and you will see an increase in quality of customer service.

Do you want to know more about our Viral Powerlikes Service?

Simply send us a sales support ticket or live chat request. We will explain everything in detail and we will maybe give you a money-off voucher to test our services.

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