Instagram disabling public likes! GOSO is prepared with the new update

Nov 11, 2019

Instagram disabling public likes! Are you ready to receive fewer likes?

So this weekend Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri made a huge announcement about Instagram. From next week Instagram will be hiding public likes to US audiences, which has left a lot of customers confused about Instagram in the long term. You shouldn’t be worried as our services will be working better than ever once this rolls out.

Instagram hinted that they were removing the public likes a few months ago, so we have been testing and preparing for this new Instagram update. We ran a beta test on our customers who were hit with the hiding likes tests in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil & Japan. We found that the posts were hitting the explore page more frequent. Plus posts had up to 29% fewer likes with hiding the likes. We are prepared for this and we will roll out our update as soon as Instagram releases the change.

Whilst users will not be able to view public likes from your posts, you will see everything as you saw before. If you check your post insights too, you will see how well your posts are performing. You will see that your posts will be going more and more viral once GOSO releases this new update.

We are excited about this update from Instagram, as we see it as a positive overall. The main reason is that Instagrammers will start to receive fewer likes than usual. Meaning a higher chance of hitting the explore page with GOSO.

I’m going to explain in more detail regarding the research we gathered with the tests from earlier this year. Instagrammers who couldn’t see the number of likes a post received liked less than usual. The main reason is that most people will like a post that already had a lot of likes. Maybe to feel closer to the influencer or be part of the group that liked the post. The psychology behind this is ‘follow the herd’… So if the influencer’s followers don’t see likes, they feel less connected to the influencer. They like less… and this is good for you!

This new update is a direct attack on Influencers on Instagram. Instagram basically built up Influencers in the first place & they are not making money on sponsorship with posts. Instagram Influencers will receive fewer likes after this update rolls out. It will be much harder for Influencers to earn money promoting brands & businesses on Instagram, due to companies not seeing how well their posts perform. At the end of the day, Instagram wants a piece of your success with taking your money. Without GOSO you would be paying 10x the amount to promote 1 post.

Nikki Minaj, Cardi B, Juicy J, and many other big follower users have expressed their feelings against the move of removing likes. Even threatening to leave the platform altogether.

The good news is that you will know how well your posts will perform with the post ‘Insights’ tool built into Instagram. So your competitors who don’t use GOSO will naturally receive fewer likes, which results in them not hitting the explore/hashtag page as usual. Ensuring you a much higher chance of going viral. Less competition on the explore page will open up so many new opportunities for all of our customers. You will see an increase a positive in your post statistics once we launch the new update later this week.

You can see our monthly subscriptions to boost your Instagram account on the explore page by visiting this page. Posts with Powerlikes, Video Views & Post Saves all contribute to reaching the explore page.

Instagrams insecurity changes the point of Instagram in the first place. The whole reason behind Instagram’s success is the number of likes you receive per post. It created a competitive edge with bragging rights to your competitors. Competition is good and what made Instagram grow so quickly. Without likes being shown, it defeats the point of putting time and effort into posting. Instagrams excuse is that your posts cause anxiety, depression & bullying. Well, the first parts will come true after the update when Influencers are hit with fewer sponsorship deals and will earn less money. The big one is ‘Bullying’ as likes to bully its users… It’s another excuse for Instagram to shut down Influencers. If disabling likes help with bullying, why doesn’t Instagram remove comments? After all abusive, racist & bullying comments do more psychological damage than likes.

Personally, I think its a step backward with Instagram that will hurt its userbase. Fewer people will be engaged and start jumping ship. Is this the beginning of the end for Instagram?

We have had a lot of requests for TikTok services as it seems that TikTok will be the successor to Instagram. The good news is that we have already a TikTok growth service in Beta and its working amazingly well. Watch this space and register your handle on TikTok to secure your future.

What do you think of this update? Is the fun part of Instagram gone forever? Should they give you the option to hide likes on your profile?

Thanks for being a loyal customer

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