How to get back on the Instagram Explore Page with our Updated Powerlikes

Feb 12, 2018

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our powerlikes service to be even more effective again the dreaded Instagram Algorithm update.

Our test results have shown that it is 5x more likely to appear on the explore page with the updated powerlikes

140,000+ Instagram accounts have been added to randomly like your posts. These accounts are from all over the world and they will be totally different everytime you post. This applies to the drip feed too and increases the chances of not triggering anything with Instagram.

Find out more at:
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How to get the upgrade?

If you are a current paid Powerlikes & Pro membership customer you have been automatically upgraded. You do not need to do anything and post as usual.

Test out our FREE Powerlikes service

Our FREE Powerlikes will only receive likes from 1 source. Paid services get 10 different sources and they are better quality.

We are always 1 step ahead of the competition

We test out our services with 100’s of our accounts daily. We tweak settings with our tools and run an analysis. If it works, we launch the services to you. No other company is passionate about Instagram than us… so much so those other powerlike companies are now damaging your Instagram accountsOld methods with the same accounts liking your posts daily, will 100% shadowban your account. 

Watch our YouTube video of tips to get back on the explore page with Powerlikes

See how the Instagram Algorithm stopped you going viral

Total Security and peace of mind

Worried you will be detected by Instagram? you do not need to worry as we have made it even harder to detect our powerlikes. We pride ourselves on making our services appear organic and real. This is why we are dominating the Instagram algorithm and everyone else is behind. We never brand our paid powerlikes and no one will ever know you use them from

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