Why Use Influencer Marketing For Your Brand

Sep 30, 2020

One of the most valuable forms of currency is trust. This is especially true in today’s environment of B2B marketing. It must be earned just like real money. There are grave consequences to trying to counterfeit trust. We know that implementing best-answer content builds long-term trust. Let’s take a look at ways that influencer partnerships provide dramatic boosts to the credibility and authority in the way your audience identifies you.

When working to develop genuine customer trust, shortcuts can not be considered. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look for ways to find the simplest route. Just be sure you’re on the right path. You can greatly expedite your journey to success when you have the right influencer walking beside you.

Why Use Influencer Marketing For Your Brand

Co-opting Trust and Coordinating Content

Influencer marketing has been defined as “the practice of engaging internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.” The primary goal, however, should be building trust. It must be the guiding imperative for virtually every business as it sets out on an influencer strategy.

There are sometimes objectives within the influencer marketing space that feel ambiguous, Brands look to gain reach and visibility through a target audience. However, it is about more than just getting in front of that target audience. It is also about how your business’ association with an influencer is perceived. You need your message delivered by trusted voices who are credible and have expertise. This is paramount at a time when the public is growing increasingly skeptical of advertisers and their marketing messages.

The strongest influencer candidate for your business will already have trust equity with a loyal audience. This person speaks persuasively and is knowledgeable on the topics that are aligned with your business. This person has already developed a sound reputation in their niche or industry and what they say holds weight with their followers.

This level of credibility can’t be matched. Data research reveals that more and more B2B buyers trust the digital content from influencers more than that from a business itself. People trust people who are like themselves, company tech experts, and academic experts. These three exemplify common influencer profiles.

A great reason for this is relatability. In turn, the wrong influencer engagement may be detrimental to what you wish to achieve.

Not using this strategy correctly results in the caveat, where it diminishes trust from your audience. It’s important for you to know what to avoid.

Never Prioritize Numbers or Quantity Over Quality

This is one of the greatest pitfalls of B2B influencer marketing implementation. Don’t assume that because someone in your niche has a huge following, you should partner with them. According to the Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report, larger followings correlate to lower returns on average.

The same reports that 48% of brands treat audience relationship and engagement as its most valuable factor for choosing to work with an influencer. Smaller influencers are often able to foster communities that have more meaningful bonds and a more tightly knit. For this reason, look at more than popularity when choosing an influencer.

Influencer Marketing Is About Mutually Beneficial Relationships

While working to gain reach and visibility for your brand, influencers should feel that their efforts in partnering with you are worthwhile. In which case financial compensation makes sense. However, the most advantageous implementation of this strategy is when both sides feel invested beyond the exchange of money. Overall, the best outcome of B2B influencer marketing involves the co-creation of content whereby your joint audience receives tangible value and expert advice which enhances your reach and credibility and that of the influencer.

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