Tips for Going Viral on Social Media

Sep 28, 2020

Some experts define a viral video as one that captures the attention of a certain number of followers or people on social media platforms like Instagram. There are others that say that this accomplishment done within 24-hours or 2 to 3 days of posting on social media defines a viral video. According to Forbes, videos that attract between 100K and 5M views are considered successful.

Instagram influencers, depending on their followings may be able to easily achieve this goal for views. This, for them, is more about personality than the content presented in the video on Instagram. Followers are likely to watch these even if they aren’t particularly interested in the video itself. These are the benefits associated with accounts that are able to build an audience consistently.

People who are not Instagram influencers still may be able to go viral on social media by posting a video that achieves popularity because it’s trending. This does require a bit of work to maintain a social media account that has engaging content. Knowing your audience is extremely important and assists you in getting more traction for your videos.

Let’s take a look at 4 tips for going viral on social media.

Choose Intriguing Titles

Business News Daily points out that finding a great hook for your video can spark engagement. This simply means choosing an intriguing title that makes people want to watch. There are short and catchy titles that may refer to previous posts you have on social media. Longer titles can work, as long as, they are bold and in capital letters. Some influencers use words that promise emotional responses in their titles.

Know What Content is Trending

Most popular social media account holders have a number of people they follow, as well. In some cases, these are influencers that are in touch with trends. These are individuals who maintain engaging content and information related to things like fashion, music, or politics. Having outlets other than social media is another way to know what content is trending so that your videos are always relevant.

Understand Your Followers

There are many good reasons to build an audience on social media. For some people, these are followers associated with business ventures or specific companies. Charities and various organizations utilize these platforms to gain support. Understanding your followers and what interests them will help to propel any content that you post, particularly video content.

Make Them Visually Appealing

Plain video content is not likely to be successful when it comes to going viral on social media. It is important to make your videos visually appealing in as many ways as possible. Infographics, vivid shots, music, and colorful fonts are all essential these days and can work together to get your content noticed on social media. The right strategy is critical to engagement and increasing views over a short period of time.

Statista reports that there were at least 10 videos last year that got 100M views in less than a week’s time. The majority of those videos going viral on social media were associated with musical artists or important personalities in some areas of society. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a video that gets a lot of views and even capture the interest of sponsors. Following the right steps and the strategies that are successful in this field can help to achieve viewing objectives for social media platforms.

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