15 Hacks to Increase Instagram Engagement

Sep 10, 2020

15 Hacks to Increase Instagram Engagement

IG follower count is almost double that of any other social media platform. That’s over one billion possible chances to get your brand in front of consumers every day. Learn 15 hacks to get more Instagram followers and to increase Instagram engagements.

#1. Use Hashtags And Use Them Properly.

Adding five or six hashtags to your IG posts helps flush out your target audience and increase brand awareness. Companies and brands utilizing hashtags usually see a climb in Instagram engagements of around fifty percent.

#2. Learn Peak Times To Post To Your IG Feed.

Research peak times that provide the broadest audience throughout the day. Check out how other big brand Instagrammers do it and follow their lead. Note: You’ll want to schedule peak time posts for each of the time zones at the recommended time frames.

#3. Take A Short IG Marketing Video Tutorial.

Influencers and social media experts often make video tutorials on how to use IG as a marketing tool. It’s a free and convenient way for a first-time IG advertiser to learn how using IG will help build your brand.

#4. Utilize Instagram Stories To Your Brand’s Advantage.

Instagram Stories display content relating to your brand in a carousel strategy format. Instagram Stories can turn followers into brand engagement by keeping the posts about your products or services in one simple click.

#5. Add A Call-To-Action Button To Your Post.

A call-to-action button creates a shortcut, basically a link, to where you want your followers to go and learn more about your brand. An action button can also correlate with a free offer or promotion to further entice a follower to engage.

#6. Create An IG Business Profile.

Start an IG Business Profile to engage the users who visit a least one Business Profile daily. Followers learn more about your offerings, and you’ll receive insights on how they interact with your brand’s profile.

#7. Study Projected Trends.

Stay ahead of popular taste relating to your brand by researching trending hashtags, watching social media feeds, and news updates on social influencers in your field. Study online magazines relating to your type of brand and apply the knowledge to your IG posts.

#8. Join An IG Engagement Group

An IG Engagement Group is an assembly of Instagrammers in similar businesses engaging with each other’s posts increasing engagements in hopes of cheating the Instagram algorithm. The latest engagement grabbing trend is also referred to as PODS.

#9. Combine Forces With An Influencer.

Get paired with a Social Media Influencer to create new follower engagements by utilizing their power and faithful legions to persuade the purchasing decisions of many. Working with an Influencer exposes your business to consumers, you wouldn’t have otherwise.

#10. Hold An IG Giveaway.

Get more Instagram followers by holding a giveaway. Don’t give away an expensive item that has no relation to your product. Use a part of your brand as the prize, prompting the follower to go to your site to enter, then return later.

#11. Comment And Like On Other Brand’s IG Profiles.

Increase brand awareness for your profile while doing the same for others. Like or comment on at least thirty other brand’s profile pages. Make your comments witty and insightful, and those other followers will see.

#12. Be Involved With Your Followers.

Replying to your IG follower’s comments in a timely and intuitive manner boosts follower engagements. Followers feel you respond well as a business owner and is a direct reflection on your business and want to know more about your brand.

#13. Cross-post On Other Social Media Platforms

Another great way to get more Instagram followers is to create and post your brand’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can. The multi-platform approach reaches a segment of your demographic that doesn’t usually go to IG and helps cheat the Instagram algorithm. Use the call-to-action button on your other social media pages.

#14. Make Good Use Of IGTV

Build more content relating to your brand by creating long-form videos on IGTV. The quality vertical videos can last anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes—another way to entice the customer to engage with your brand further.

#15. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

Lastly, be your own best supporter by creating a buzz and tell anyone that will list about your brand on Instagram. Request them to go and like or comment on your brand’s IG profile. It’s an old-fashioned door-to-door style marketing.

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