What is vanish mode on Instagram

Feb 24, 2023

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It can be hard to keep up with the regular updates and any other social media channel changes, so it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening on each app.

You’re not the only one who has wondered “What’s vanish mode on Instagram?”

Let’s look at how to use the Instagram vanish feature. You’ll soon be an expert!


What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?


First, let’s clarify: What is Instagram’s vanish mode?

Instagram’s Vanish Mode allows users to send self destructing messages or messages that disappear automatically after the user leaves the chat.

Users can also send photos, videos and messages to vanish mode. All of the chat history will be deleted if a user leaves the chat or vanish mode is disabled.

Consider modern secret message sending…or virtual invisible ink.

It is similar to the end encrypted chat feature on Facebook Messenger but vanish mode it its own feature.

Let’s have a closer look at its capabilities and what makes it unique.


Unsend Instagram Messages or Instagram Vanish Mode


You may be thinking: “Instagram already offers a feature that allows users send unsent messages.” Why bother with vanish mode?

It’s a great question. However, there is a difference.

You can send a direct message to Instagram but it is not an automatic function. You can hold the button on an Instagram direct message to unsend it.

This will allow you to delete the message from chat and it will not be visible in your message stream. The user you are messaging will be notified on their home screen that you have sent a message.

Vanish mode on the other hand means that all messages in a conversation between two users are temporary. There will be no trace whatsoever of messages once someone leaves chat or vanish mode has been turned off.


Why use Vanish Mode on Instagram?


Having understood the vanish mode feature, why would you want to enable self destructing messages within your Instagram direct messages.

privacy is the primary reason people use vanish mode to disappear messages.

Instagram vanish mode allows for a conversation to exist only while both of the users are online in chat.


What is Vanish Mode?

People tend to choose vanish mode because of the short-lived nature conversations held while it is on. This feature allows them to keep their privacy. Vanish mode is the best feature to use if you want to have a conversation but keep it private.

You might want to send an Instagram profile, story, or post to your best friend to help you analyze comments and content. But everyone knows that these conversations should be kept between the two of you. It’s in vanish mode!

Instagram vanish mode is also available for other purposes. Vanish mode can be used for any purpose, no matter your motivation.


What is the process?

Are you still convinced? Continue reading if you are still not convinced.

This guide will show you how to turn vanish mode on and off in your Instagram messages.


How to Turn On Vanish Mode


1. To access your Instagram direct messages, press the messenger icon at the top right corner of your app’s home page.

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2. Choose the chat you wish to disable vanish mode for.

3. Swipe up on the message feed once you have entered your chat. A message will appear at the bottom of your screen stating, “Swipe up for vanish mode.”

"swipe up to turn on vanish mode" photo







A circle will accompany the message, which you can fill in as you swipe.

4. Continue to slide up until you reach the end of the circle. Then release. Now you are in vanish mode. This will be obvious in the messages as your screen will change.

You can send a chat to someone using vanish mode after you send it. They’ll get a notification letting them know, and giving them the option of chatting back to you in vanish.

If you send a chat to a user that is not in vanish mode, they will be notified.

You can also do the same if another user initiates a vanish mode chat.


How to Turn Off Vanish Mode


The process of turning on vanish mode is similar once you are ready to go back to regular Instagram messages. Here’s how to:

1. Navigate to your Instagram direct message once more, using the messenger icon at the top right-hand side.

2. Tap on the chat you are currently using in vanish mode.

3. Start swiping upwards in the message stream again. You will see the same circle again, signaling you to continue swiping to disable vanish mode.

"swipe up to turn off vanish mode" screenshot












4. Slide up until you reach the end of the circle and you’ll be back in vanish mode. You are now back in the real world.


How to See Missing Messages

The Vanish mode allows you to erase a conversation in one go.

What if you need to refer to a message sent in vanish mode after the conversation has ended?

Here are some ways to preserve messages sent in vanish mode.


You can use another camera to take a photo

You can use another device to take a photo of your chat screen before you go into spy mode.

You can either borrow a friend’s phone to take a picture or you need to make a creative move and use the front-facing camera of your laptop to take a photo (we’ve all been there, you just have to do what you have too), but there is a way.


Take A Screenshot Or Screen Record

Another option is to capture a screenshot or screen record of self-destructive messages as you scroll through chat.

This is less secretive as other users will be notified when you take a screenshot while the chat is in vanish mode. It works if you want to keep messages that are going to disappear.


You can read messages through notifications bar

You will still receive notifications about messages sent in vanish mode even if they are. If your settings allow you read an Instagram DM before opening the app, then you will be able to view (and take a screenshot) the message prior to entering the vanish mode chat.

This way, if your reply takes too much time, you can give it as much time as you need before you open the message.

You’ll be ready with a response when you get it!


You can check your mail messages

You can also have notifications sent to your phone and email. This function allows you to view Instagram direct messages, even in vanish mode, through your email.

This is another great way to save time and take screenshots without having to enter the chat.


Here are some things to keep in mind when using Vanish Mode


Instagram users love Vanish mode. It provides privacy and anonymity when using direct messages through Instagram.

There are some important points to remember when using the chat feature.


If you take a screen shot, the sender will be notified

We have already mentioned that screenshotting chats sent in vanish mode is risky depending on your circumstances. Users will be notified if you take a screenshot of an Instagram DM sent in vanish mode, just like the chat feature on Snapchat.

This is a crucial point to remember if you’re the sender of vanish chats. You will be notified if the recipient takes a screenshot of your message. However, this does not stop other users screen-recording and screenshotting what you sent.

Although vanish mode can be a powerful tool to protect privacy, there are always ways for people who don’t want messages to disappear.

It is important to be cautious about what you send.


Vanish Mode is only for one-on-one messages

Although this is a great feature, it does not work in group chats. If you want to communicate in vanish mode with multiple chat users, this feature won’t work.

Vanish mode is not available if you start a new message stream or chat with someone you aren’t connected to on the app. You can not send a message to someone on Instagram in vanish mode. This feature is only available in an existing chat.

Keep in mind, however, that only certain professional and business accounts can receive Instagram chats in vanish mode. You may encounter a problem when creating a private chat that disappears depending on the person you are trying to message.


You Can’t Copy, Save, Or Forward Disappearing Messages

There are some limitations to the vanishing message feature. All self-destructing messages remain within the chat area in which they were originally sent.

You can save, copy and forward messages in a chat.

All messages that disappear are, however, only possible to exist in the original chat window.


FAQs for Instagram Vanish Mode


Users have many questions about vanish mode as it is only available in the latest version of Instagram.

Let’s take a look at the most popular.


1. Is Vanish Mode capable of deleting messages from both sides?

The short answer is yes. After vanish mode has been turned on for a chat, neither user can view any subsequent messages until vanish mode is turned off again. The conversation then disappears

Also, if a chat user quits the chat while the vanish mode is active, all messages seen up until that point will be lost.


2. Do you think Vanish Mode will erase all your messages?

Yes, vanish mode does not delete any messages in an existing chat. You’ll be able to see a completely different screen than the rest of your chat and your chat history will disappear.

All vanish mode chats that you have turned off will be deleted. You will be able to return to the original chat window and see any messages you have sent before you turn off vanish mode.


3. What can people on Instagram see when you turn on Vanish Mode?

Only the chat’s other users will be able to see that you have turned on vanish mode. The other user in the chat will be notified when vanish mode is turned on or off. However, the conversation settings will not be changed by anyone else.


Swipe up!

You may be interested in vanish mode on your Instagram account, regardless of whether you own an iPhone or Android.

You might want to spy on the low-level, or just have a private conversation with a friend. Whatever your reason, vanish mode is there for you when messages need to appear for a short time only.

Remember to use the tips and hints we have provided above. Good luck with your secret operations!

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