Top 11 Instagram Don’ts You Should Know

Mar 23, 2023

Are you looking to make your profile stand out on Instagram and get more followers? Or do you want to level up your Insta-game? Either way, knowing what not to do when using the platform is essential. Unfortunately, mistakes often happen without us even realizing them – leading us down a road of decreased engagement instead of increased reach.

To help you put your best foot forward on Instagram and ensure that isn’t happening, we created this list of our top 11 “Instagram Don’ts”! So keep reading to make sure your profile is in tip-top shape!


1. Don’t Post Too Many Pictures Of Yourself Or Your Friend

Posting too many photos of yourself or your friends can quickly turn off potential followers. Viewers may also find it difficult to relate to you if they feel that all they see is your own life instead of engaging content.

If you want to share more than a few selfies in a row, try incorporating them into other posts. For example, add an exciting caption with a fun fact about one of your friends or share photos from an event you attended together.

Also, when posting photos of friends, ensure you have their permission. To post content of a friend without their permission is disrespectful.


2. Refrain From Uploading Irrelevant Pictures.

Sunny family morning in the bed
Although an exciting photo of your cat might be tempting to share, it won’t do anything for the reach of your profile. Ensure that every post you share is relevant to your Instagram account.

This means sticking to topics related to your product or service and engaging content to get people talking. For example, why share a photo of your product or service instead of posting about your cat? You could even use the opportunity to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into how you create and produce your products.

Doing this will help create a stronger connection with followers and increase your profile’s engagement.

3. Don’t Post Pictures That Are Inappropriate Or Offensive.

Inappropriate or offensive pictures are a big no-no on Instagram. Not only will this cause your followers to unfollow you, but it could also result in removing your posts or your account getting banned. Therefore, it’s important to remember that when posting, you should be mindful of the potential impacts and consequences on your reputation and the associated businesses, such as a brand or company.

To avoid this, review any content you post to ensure it is appropriate and not offensive. If you aren’t sure whether something might be deemed inappropriate, err on caution and don’t post it. Posting content that could be interpreted as offensive might result in your account getting banned and put you at risk of a lawsuit.


4. Don’t Post Photos Edited Too Heavily Or Are Not In Good Taste.

Editing photos is part of Instagram’s fun, but overdoing it can make your posts look unnatural or unprofessional. Not to mention, it could also be seen as bad taste and turn off potential followers. Also, avoid using too many filters and effects when editing your pictures – opt for one or two subtle filters instead.

Additionally, avoid adding cheesy text or graphics to your photos, as these, too, could come across as tacky. Your target audience should be able to tell you’ve put time and effort into creating a post, not that it looks like something you made in five minutes.

Also, remember how other people might perceive your images before posting them. Generally, if you think something looks too over-the-top or inappropriate, don’t post it!


5. Don’t Post Too Many Hashtags.

What is the Meaning of CF in Instagram?

While hashtags can be a great way to get your content seen, using too many can look spammy and make it difficult for people to find the content they want. It’s best to use one or two relevant hashtags on each Instagram post rather than bombarding your posts with long lists of unrelated tags.

Also, avoid follow-for-follow schemes, as this could put you at risk of being banned from Instagram. Instead, make your posting schedule consistent, use relevant hashtags, and focus on engaging content. As the explore page is the first page, people see when they open Instagram, having great content is vital to get noticed by more people.


6. Don’t Post Screenshots or Pictures of Text Messages.

Posting screenshots of conversations, text messages, emails, or any other private information is a breach of privacy and could also put you at risk of legal action. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that anything posted on Instagram will be available for anyone to view and, sometimes, forwarded and shared with others. As such, it’s best to keep these types of Instagram posts off the platform entirely.

A business account should not post screenshots of private conversations, as this could result in legal action. Instead, you can share updates and news with your followers without exposing personal or confidential information.


7. Posting Photos That are Blurry, Dark, or Have Poor Lighting.

Sunny family morning in the bed

When taking pictures for Instagram, it’s essential to ensure the image is clear and well-lit. Blurry, dark, or poorly lit images can be challenging to view on a small screen and will not attract followers.

Furthermore, low-quality images can give the impression that you don’t care about your page or the content you’re posting, which is not a good look for your business. To get the best results, take photos in well-lit areas and use natural light as much as possible. Also, avoid overly bright filters, which can make an image too harsh or distorted.

Suppose you’re taking photos in a low-light environment. Then, you can use your device’s flash to ensure the image is not too dark. For additional tips on how to take great Instagram photos, consider reading up on photography techniques or investing in professional equipment for higher-quality images.


8. Don’t Post Unoriginal Content.

Original content sets your Instagram page apart from the rest and helps create a unique identity for your brand. However, reposting other people’s Instagram stories, pictures, or videos is unoriginal and could be considered plagiarism and incur legal action.

Additionally, reposted content can dilute your brand’s message or confuse followers, as they may not understand the source of the content. Instead, try creating content from scratch or using images you have taken to ensure that your posts stay unique and original..

Alternatively, you can look for stock images on websites and make sure to give credit to the original author. It shows respect for other people’s work. Moreover, it allows you to use various visually appealing images without compromising quality or originality.


9. Don’t Post Spammy Comments.

What is the Meaning of CF in Instagram?

By now, most people are aware of the dangers of posting spammy content on social media. Spam comments or hashtags can annoy followers and result in a suspension or, even worse, the closure of your account.

To ensure you’re not at risk, be mindful of the comments you post. For example, avoid generic words like “great pic” and engage with Instagram users by leaving thoughtful replies or asking meaningful questions.


10. Don’t Be A Troll.

No one likes a troll, and it’s important to remember this when posting on Instagram. It can be tempting to join in on the latest trend of online trolling, but this is not how to make friends or build a positive reputation.

Instead, be respectful and polite when engaging with other users. For example, if someone posts something you disagree with, try to engage in civil discourse rather than trolling them. Doing so will help keep your profile professional and give a positive impression.


11. Don’t Spam Your Followers With Too Many Posts In A Short Period.

Two people in front of laptop giving free Instagram comments to each other
For many, spamming followers with too much content in a short time is one of the top Instagram don’ts. Not only can it be annoying for your followers, but it can also send out the wrong message and make them think that you don’t care about quality over quantity.

To avoid this, try to post regularly but only sometimes. Additionally, plan your posts and curate interesting and relevant content for your followers.

It will ensure that people are engaged with the content you provide and can keep them coming back for more. In social media marketing, it’s usually better to post quality content less often than spam your followers with too many posts.

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