January 2020 Instagram Algorithm Results & Post Scanning Upgrade

Jan 3, 2020

We’ve been receiving some concerns about some of our service speeds. Rest assured that we have been hard at work looking into the data regarding the update on January 18th, and now we have some interesting Instagram algorithm results to share with you. But first I would like to share with you the history of the Instagram algorithm over the last 3 years.

Back in 2017 to go viral, you just needed to have a lot of likes on your post within 10 minutes. It worked great and literally every post hit the explore page with very little effort. You could take a terrible selfie and hit very high ranking hashtags and receive 1000’s of new Instagram followers. This was the golden age of Instagram Powerlikes.

In 2018 Instagram changed the algorithm and everyone was hit hard. What we found is that the likes had to be delivered but spread over an hour period. This helped to get on the explore page, but it wasn’t as easy as it was a year before.
The summer of 2019 was the biggest update yet. Instagram hit hard towards social media agencies like ourselves. 95% of Instagram suppliers were reselling from 1 main supplier and was 100% detected by Instagram. It didn’t take long for Instagram to kill them off. As we built a unique and dedicated system that only we use. We were the only surviving Instagram growth company for a short while. This is why we are the world leader in IG growth. 80% of the services that you see online are resellers of GOSO.

It’s now it’s 2020 and we have our first Instagram algorithm results and updates of the year. It’s an interesting update as it really changed the game on Instagram for the better. Every year we saw a decrease in the time delivering services, it helped your post with the Instagram algorithm. We have analyzed the data from our test accounts. It’s now even slower and it’s about appearing natural and organic looking. We have cracked the 2020 January algorithm and here is how it works.

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