Instagram: Your Account Was Compromised fix

Nov 26, 2019

Your Account Was Compromised with Instagram

You may or may not have received this message from Instagram. Instagram is trying to alert users who have a history of using their accounts to receive engagement. 


The whole point of GOSO is that you don’t have to supply your password, which eliminates risk of losing your account. So if you are NOT using Follow/unFollow or sharing your password with engagement groups, you shouldn’t worry. 

If you are currently automating your posts, auto liking, auto-following or sharing your password. I would 100% stop these 3rd party services ASAP. These services will damage your account. Please note that GOSO services are 100% safe and will not get your account banned or shadowbanned. Change your password right now.

Instagram is targeting everyone that has ever shared their password in the history of your account. So if you used a follow/unFollow service 3 years ago or joined an auto like sharing service last year. Instagram will send this message to you. They are doing this to ensure that everything is changed for security measures and to stop bots.

As you are aware Instagram didn’t protect a lot of their customer’s accounts and exposed a lot of their customer’s passwords, which were leaked. They want you to change your password to secure the platform, but use the ‘Compromised’ to sugar coat their security flaw. 

Change your password and you shouldn’t receive this message for at least 3 months (Instagram is a buggy mess right now). You DO NOT need to cancel the subscription for GOSO services. 

We have had a few customers who messaged regarding the dreaded ‘Your Account was Compromised’ and started to panic. Whilst checking the data we found that most users shared their passwords to receive engagement in the past year with other companies. 

Change your password and never use your account to automate and your account will be just fine. GOSO services don’t require your passwords, so nothing is compromised. 

Due to the latest algorithm update, we are going to release a new priming service very soon. Which will organically help your posts reach the explore page without likes. 

Have a great week. 

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