Instagram Growth Services and the rise of the Micro-Influencer

Feb 20, 2019

Regardless of whether you have a business or personal Instagram account, everyone has to go through the same process when growing a profile. Profiles have to be set up and grown naturally, just like any other, unless, of course, you are using Instagram growth services to speed up the process.

Everyone has to follow the same social media marketing model: post quality and relevant content, use equally relevant hashtags, and use interesting captions that help maximize reach and exposure. By doing this, regardless of the account, profiles will slowly grow a following based on how popular the content is.

Profiles are nurtured over time, and their success solely depends on their interactions with other profiles. However, like most things, there are no certainties or guarantees in this shallow world that we currently find ourselves in. A problem that shows no sign of resolving itself anytime soon. People want fame and success and they want it now!

instagram growth services

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The influence of Instagram Growth Services

So much so, there is now a plethora of Instagram growth services that guarantee fast growth and instant likes. Admittedly, all of these third-party Instagram growth services offer similar packages and claim to be better than the competition. With that in mind, it’s difficult to choose the right service to take your profile to the next level.

Because of these services, it’s becoming easier to establish oneself as an Instagram influencer. Nowadays, people are more aware of Instagram growth services and their capabilities and will lean toward the easy option if they can afford it. Users are happy handing the reigns over to someone else if it means faster results in an age where time waits for no one.

An Instagram influencer is typically someone who commands a profile of over a million followers, and no matter what content they post they are instantly showered with impressions. This volume of validation helps these posts reach the hallowed Instagram explore page and go viral. Anyone who is not an influencer aspires to be one on some level.

The ultimate dream is to be popular and have viral content. Competition within niches is fierce, which encourages more imaginative content as users are fighting for the same outcome: to be seen and be the best of the best.

Social Media Marketing dream

This is a business marketer’s dream. If a business can use an Instagram influencer to promote their brand and get it seen by a wider audience, then they are surely onto a winner! On the other side, if an influencer can get paid to promote a brand by snapping a few pics then surely that is also a no-brainer!

Now with over a billion Instagram users and with the help of Instagram growth services we have seen the emergence of sub-influencer groups. These are profiles who haven’t quite made it to a million followers yet. These users are known as macro-influencers (100,000+ followers) and micro-influencers (10,000+ followers), respectively.

In today’s world, these micro-influencers are seen to represent the everyman. Their social media status and small army of followers is an achievable target people can realistically aspire to have. Today’s market is being driven by the hundreds of thousands of micro-influencers, each commanding tens of thousands of followers.

The micro-influencer is trusted within their niche as they are expected to use as well as endorse products. People trust their views and opinions more as they carry more weight with the average consumer. Their following represents a more targeted demographic as opposed to that of a top influencer who has followers from all walks of life.

With more advanced social media marketing tools available to identify, validate and manage the right profile for the right campaign it is becoming more popular to settle for micro-influencer status. For those who remain impatient that level can be achieved faster with the right Instagram growth service.

How to get likes on Instagram?

instagram growth services

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With its unique methods, GOSO prides itself as being the leading industry supplier of Instagram growth services. Customers can safely buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram views with confidence knowing they’ll help propel profiles to micro Influencer status within a matter of a few months.

If you’re a startup looking to promote your brand on social media and require the right social media marketing tools to succeed or you are a personal brand wanting to become an influencer in your own right then GOSO’s services are ready and available to take you to the next level. If you think influencer status is a realistic target and will help your brand’s exposure then why not try GOSO’s services today?

Try our monthly services, starting from as little as €9.99 a month, using this 10% off coupon code MDQFPDOM and see your Instagram influence change in no time at all. Remember, if you have any queries regarding any of GOSO’s products and/or services please don’t hesitate to contact our support team!

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