GOSO Updates for September and future Instagram Services

Sep 18, 2018

I really hope you have had a great summer! Our staff has been working around the clock to enhance and grow GOSO’s audience and Instagram services. However, we have some important announcements.

GOSO Updates September

We had a great summer in Barcelona & we posted a lot on Instagram

The company is evolving

This time last year, it was just me…
working from my home office…
not knowing what the future holds…

Now we have a new new HQ right in the center of Barcelona, with 7 full-time staff. We are looking for 2 more full-time staff (1 Sales executive and 1 Support Agent). We also will be opening a new studio for recording our YouTube Videos and will be employing someone to create content daily to help everyone keep up-to date on Instagram. Right now we have just peaked over 5000+ customers and growing daily.

Increase in Customer Support

Due to demand of new customers, our sales & customer support team are working to full capacity. Next week we will have a new full-time customer support agent to help with the demand. We have installed a new GOSO Support chat window on the websites to help you connect with a real human support agent. Right now we are doing live support Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm CET.

We are looking at setting up live support 24 hours a day and including weekends, very soon! Watch this space.

Instagram Stability Updates

We were about to release a new service for IGTV and Instagram Stories, however we have decided to wait. The reason behind this is to ensure that all current services are working 100%. We have temporarily halted any new orders for Instagram Comments, as they were arriving too late. However for the last month, the development team has added an extra layer of stability to ensure you get what you are paying for. Once we experience a clear plane for the Instagram likes, views and saves. We will add in extra new services.

Future Services

Expect in 2019 to see YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & IGTV services. We already have the software ready and tested. However we have to be sure we can handle more clients by hiring more staff. Support and customer service come first.

See our current services and prices here

GOSO Connect & FREE Engagement Groups

The GOSO Connect Forums are growing daily, we have 100’s of FREE Instagram Engagement groups available to everyone.

Check out GOSO Connect for FREE

FREE GOSO Insights Tool

You can now track your Instagram account growth with GOSO Insights. Its 100% free of charge for all of our customers and you can even request daily, weekly & monthly email reports. If you are not using GOSO insights, head over to the website and be amazed.

Find out how well your Instagram account is growing for FREE

GOSO Deals

We will be releasing GOSO Deals soon, this will showcase 3rd party services, 3rd party applications & training for everything online. This will help you develop and learn to grow your knowledge about marketing yourself online. We will announce it very soon.

Thanks for reading and supporting GOSO

Spooksie & the GOSO team

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