Influencers: The Modern Entrepreneur

Sep 24, 2020

Did you know that you can make a living from producing online videos? When you become a social media influencer, you can partner with big companies and advertise their products for a fee. Influencers must have a well-established brand identity for them to make it big. Here are a few things you need to know before choosing this career.

It's Comparable to Being an Entrepreneur

When you become a social media influencer, you are literally starting a business. Imagine that you were to start a business selling merchandise. To launch that business, you need money. You can either borrow from investors or use your savings. Then, you have to find the perfect location to use as your office. You have to look for suppliers and decide on a price that will help you make a profit. You take all the risks and accept losses if you don’t make sales during the first months. This situation describes your life as a traditional entrepreneur. But how does it compare to being an influencer?

Since influencers post on social media, you need to get yourself a good camera or smartphone. You can use your savings to buy the equipment. Next, you need to discuss what you are passionate about. You can talk about anything; from shoes to makeups. With influencing, you are targeting people that have the same interests as you. Unlike traditional entrepreneurship, your success is determined by the number of followers you get on Instagram. You take all the risks.

Build a Personal Brand Identity

Your brand is very important in business. By building a brand that stands out from the rest, you’re giving customers a reason to purchase from you. It creates loyalty. However, there are a few differences between modern and traditional entrepreneurship. With the old model, you first have to create a product that will gauge the interest of buyers. If you’re successful, you can move on to building a brand. It’s the other way round with modern entrepreneurship.

As a social media influencer, you’re the brand. You have to build your brand before selling products. Being on social media means that you have to share every aspect of your life. For example, if you are a workout guru, you have to show people your daily routine. People have to see you go through the process for them to believe you. Constant engagement allows you get lots of followers on Instagram. After that, you can begin to monetize your content.

Ways to Make Money

Being popular on social media creates multiple opportunities for you. You can decide to manufacture and sell products under a personal brand name. However, going the route of the traditional entrepreneur will take you a while to sell because people don't trust new products. Alternatively, you can take the preferred route of promoting products from established brands.

It Helps the Economy

Both modern and traditional entrepreneurship help to grow the economy by creating job opportunities. Through constant engagement, you can help your audience learn a new skill and make money from it. As your social media audience grows, you’ll want to produce more content. Since the workload may be too much for you to handle alone, you’ll hire professionals to help you shoot and edit the videos.

Using social media platforms to make money shouldn’t be too hard. If you have a unique skill that you believe can help people, share it on your social media page. If you’re consistent and your content is good, people will love it, you’ll gain more followers, and that will give you a chance to make money from it

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