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Here is a list of tips for making your travel Instagram more appealing and inspiring every follower’s heart.

  • Contrast. A bold color can contrast nicely against a background, attracting the eye more and making your travel Instagram more appealing.
  • Unusual angles. If you’re traveling to well-known places, try looking at them from angles or perspectives people aren’t used to seeing.
  • Wake up early & stay out late. The best lighting is when the sun rises and sets. Plan ahead where you want to get your shot!
  • Get lost on purpose. It’s when the real, raw adventures happen and you’ll get pictures no one else has!
  • Plan your attire. Especially if you’re going to be featuring in your travel photos, planning your outfits ahead will help enhance the aesthetics of your photos.

Rosie Gabrielle is a fabulous example of a combination of all 5 tips. She travels around the Middle East on a motorbike, taking stunning photos of the landscape and sometimes featuring in them herself wearing traditional clothing.
Coby Sarreal has a beautiful assortment of photos in his gallery. Each one telling a different story, different view.



Travel Instagram

Harmonizing Themes and Filters: Consistency is a visual pleasure. By sticking to a certain color palette or filter, you create a cohesive and harmonious look for your feed. This doesn’t mean every photo has to look identical, but a unified theme can make your account instantly recognizable and immensely appealing. Whether you’re into warm, tropical hues or cool, urban contrasts, let your photos reflect a consistent vibe.

Diversifying Content with Various Formats: Instagram offers multiple formats to share your travel tales, from classic posts and carousel images to stories, reels, and IGTV. Each format has its strength. For instance, carousel images are perfect for narrating a journey from dawn to dusk, while reels can capture the dynamism of a bustling local market or the serenity of a sunset.

Highlighting Local Interactions: While mesmerizing landscapes and iconic landmarks are must-haves, sometimes the most memorable travel moments involve local interactions. Share conversations with a local artisan, depict the energy of a street performance, or capture the magic of a homestay. These authentic moments can resonate deeply with your audience.

Incorporating Storytelling: Your captions should complement your visuals. Instead of generic descriptions, narrate a short story, describe a feeling, or share an interesting fact about the place. This not only educates but also immerses your followers in the experience.

Utilizing Geotags and Hashtags Effectively: Geotags can showcase the exact places you’ve been, acting as a recommendation for others. Hashtags, when used judiciously, can expand your post’s reach. Instead of using only popular travel hashtags, mix in some unique and location-specific ones. This can get your posts in front of a more engaged and relevant audience.

Engaging with Your Community: It’s not just about posting; it’s about being part of a conversation. Respond to comments, ask questions, and encourage travel discussions. Maybe share travel tips on Tuesdays or run a Q&A session once a month. The more you engage, the more you build a community around your content.

Seeking Feedback and Continuously Learning: As with any skill, there’s always room for improvement. Periodically seek feedback, whether through polls or direct messages. Understand what your followers love most about your content and what they’d like to see more of. Continuously educate yourself, be it through photography courses, editing workshops, or content strategy webinars.

In Conclusion:

Making your travel Instagram appealing is a blend of authenticity, quality, and engagement. It’s about crafting a visually stunning yet genuine portrayal of your travels that not only ‘wows’ but also deeply connects with your audience.

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Travel Instagram

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