Getting your content featured in Instagram's trending hashtags is an epic occurrence and can result in your post going viral. But, what criteria does Instagram go by when selecting the posts that receive the coveted position? By the way, you have to satisfy an algorithm and beat out over 90 million pictures, and videos users post daily just in the US alone.

Why Are The Right Hashtags Important?

Choosing the right hashtags is important in getting your posts noticed for a variety of reasons. The use of the right hashtags helps attract genuinely interested followers, increase valuable engagement, and hit target audiences. Statists show posts with hashtags had a 392% increase in comments over those without hashtags, making them an invaluable marketing tool. Utilizing hashtags on Instagram is not just about quantity or what time you post them; it has to do with the quality. At the other end of the spectrum, the wrong hashtags can target an unwanted audience. So, how do you find those perfect hashtags?

How To Find The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Seeking out hashtags that have relevance to what your marketing, even if it's yourself, seems like a daunting and time-consuming task. It's a straightforward process if you break it down.

Here are five steps to assist in finding those pesky trending hashtags right for your marketing needs:

1. Search Relevant Hashtags Already Used By Your Instagram Community

The first thing you do when searching for the most popular Instagram hashtags currently trending is looking at the community you're involved with on Instagram. You'll want to look at the most popular Instagram hashtags already in use by related target audiences, popular influencers, and your competition that are causing their content to trend.

2. Amass Hashtags Used In Current Trend Performing Posts

The uber-popular posts ranked so highly they appear at the top of the Explore page when you search for the most up to date content. Their ranking means they've used the best effective hashtags for their marketing purposes.

3. Utilise Tools To Find Hashtags For Your Needs

A toolkit to help you find the right hashtags for getting your Instagram posts to rank high is also valuable. These kits should contain applications designed to track tag usage for your relative posts like RiteTag, and

4. Search For Cross-Platform Hashtags

What topic is everyone talking about, not just on Instagram but across all social media platforms and over the internet. Tools like Tagboard, not only searches for the most popular Instagram hashtags but topics your target audience is talking about in all channels across the internet.

5. Create Your Hashtags

Instead of searching for previously used hashtags, create your ones. Make your tags memorable, funny, and catchy, so it sticks in the mind of your audience and potential customers. You can do this step yourself or employ the use of a hashtag generator like All-Hashtag

Figuring out how to search for trending Instagram hashtags isn't always easy, but it's worth the time and effort. However, when you learn how to navigate the complex world of trending hashtags, your post will trend in no time.