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7 tips to become a Great Instagram Photographer 

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In today’s visually driven world, being a skilled photographer on Instagram is not just about taking stunning shots; it’s about capturing moments that resonate with your audience. Whether you aspire to be the best photographer on Instagram or you’re searching for a “photographer for Instagram near me” to learn from, these seven tips will help you elevate your photography game and make a lasting impression on the platform.

Follow these 7 tips and become a great photographer on Instagram!

1. Be Familiar with Your Equipment If You Want to Become a Best Photographer Instagram 

Best Photographer Instagram: Before you aim to be the best photographer on Instagram, you need to master your equipment. Whether you’re using a professional camera or your smartphone, understanding your gear’s capabilities is essential. Learn about settings like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and practice until using your equipment becomes second nature.

2. Develop Your Style

Photographer for Instagram Near Me: Developing a unique style is crucial in standing out as an Instagram photographer. Your style defines the mood, tone, and aesthetic of your photos. Experiment with different genres, subjects, and editing techniques until you find your distinctive style that sets you apart.

3. Utilize Natural Lighting

Best Photographer Instagram: Natural lighting is your best friend in photography, especially for Instagram. It offers soft, flattering illumination that enhances your subject’s features. Experiment with the angle and direction of natural light to create captivating compositions.

4. Edit Your Photos

Photographer for Instagram Near Me: Don’t underestimate the power of post-processing. Editing your photos can transform a good shot into an exceptional one. There are many photo editing apps available, from simple filters to advanced editing tools. Experiment with editing to enhance your photos without overdoing it.

5. Engage With Your Followers

Best Photographer Instagram: Building a community of followers is as important as taking great photos. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, asking for feedback, and participating in photography challenges and collaborations. Interacting with your followers creates a sense of connection and loyalty.

6. Post Regularly and at the Same Time Every Day

Photographer for Instagram Near Me: Consistency is key to growing your Instagram presence. Develop a posting schedule and stick to it. Posting at the same time every day helps your followers know when to expect your content, increasing your visibility and engagement.

7. Share Your Work

Best Photographer Instagram: Don’t let your stunning photos gather digital dust. Share your work on Instagram regularly, and don’t be afraid to explore other platforms like photography blogs, photography forums, or even exhibitions. Sharing your work outside of Instagram can help you gain recognition and expand your reach.

Becoming a great Instagram photographer is a journey that requires dedication, creativity, and continuous learning. Whether you aspire to be the best photographer on Instagram or you’re just starting your photography adventure, these tips will guide you toward creating captivating and impactful images. Remember that it’s not just about taking photos; it’s about telling stories, evoking emotions, and connecting with your audience through your lens. So, pick up your camera or smartphone and start capturing moments that will inspire and resonate with others on Instagram.

    By following these tips, you can become an excellent Instagram photographer and expand your following on the platform. Don’t stop practicing, learning, and honing your skills; these will help ensure that you keep improving your photography in the long run.

    Top 10 Creative Photographers on Instagram You Want to Follow

    Do you want to bring more inspiration to your Instagram account? We have compiled the top 10 Instagram accounts for creative photography that you should follow to make your Instagram feed more inspiring.

    This isn’t in order but these are a few of the best photographers on Instagram who you should follow and check out!

    Paul Nicklen

    Paul Nicklen is one of the best creative photography Instagram accounts you should follow. He is a wildlife photographer, whose work has been featured at National Geographic and many other exhibitions around the globe. He’s also a suburb photographer who is well-known for his work documenting polar bears as well as other arctic wildlife. Check out his works on his Instagram account!

    Laura Zalenga

    Laura Zalenga, a creative photographer who combines reality and imagination with great storytelling, is one you should follow on her creative journey. Her experience as an Adobe Creative Resident gives her insight into the realities of Adobe residency. Visit her Instagram account and learn more about storytelling photography.

    Humans of NY

    Humans of NY is a documentary and humanitarian account. It inspires us all to tell stories about the most extraordinary people. The photographer also travels the world to tell stories about people. He shares a lot of perspectives, including those of people who don’t always show their faces. The stories also connect with many of his followers. If you are an Instagram photographer who loves real stories of humans, you might like to visit this account.

    Minh T (thismintymoment)

    Minh T is an outstanding photographer who combines geometric architecture with clean portraits to create a unique style. Although minimalistic in design, Minh T draws the eye to the focal point by using clean lines and negative space. This profile is worth following on Instagram. If you love the combination of architecture and Instagram photography, you would love to check out Minh T’s Instagram account.


    The duo brings color, creativity, imagination, and stories that take storytelling to new heights. Moreover, their entire feed is a riot of color. If you love to play with colors and also tell stories with creative Instagram photography, you can check their account and be inspired.

    Eva Kosmas Flores

    Eva is a food stylist and cook. What’s great is she also photographs. Moreover, even if you aren’t a professional photographer, Eva also offers workshops to help improve your food photography. Her photos have a dark, and inviting look that is aided by her presets. Hence, if you love tasty and aesthetic food photography, visit her account!

    Peter Hurley

    Check out Peter Hurley’s works. He is a well-known headshot photographer, who gives workshops around the globe to help photographers master headshot portraiture. Insta Stories allows you to see behind the scenes of his travels and shoots.

    Stormy Solis

    Stormy is a portrait artist who has created her own style, creating images that show connection, love, and intimacy between couples and families. Her images are captivating and inspire others to try a more intimate approach when photographing portraits. Who doesn’t love a photo with a romantic story behind it? Check her work in her account!

    Reuben Wu (itsreuben)

    Who knows Aerogliph? Well, it was created by Reuben Wu. To explain it more, he light-paints images in mid-air using light from drones. If you are an aspiring Instagram photographer who wants to try aerogliph, go check out his account!

    Donatella Nicolini (donatellanicolinistudio)

    Visit Donatella Nicolini’s Instagram account. She is definitely one of the top creative photography Instagram accounts you should follow. Additionally, she is an Italian portrait artist who specializes in fine art motherhood photography. You would love that her images are stunningly timeless and paint-like. Follow her now!

    You can find inspiration from these amazing photographers on Instagram. Go ahead, create your craft, and enjoy the art of photography!

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