As a business owner, getting your share of attention on Instagram helps build your brand's name and as result, its fan base and profits. Some business owners see ads offering Instagram comments for sale and think this idea could help them grow and easily market their companies. But buying a random package of Instagram comments could do more harm than good for your business if the service is unprofessional or the comments poor.

Using growth services for your Instagram account (or any other social media account, for that matter) is something to decide after careful thought and selection. Otherwise, it can result not only in a waste of time and money, but end up giving your company a bad name. Bulk Instagram comments can also result in the closure of your page, and all the hard work and effort you've put forth to grow fans and followers.

People buy social media and Instagram comments to give a push in the interactions of their page and give the account more visibility. But fake looking comments generated by robots create a false sense of certainty and confidence amongst customers. Many comments left on your page and posts from a lot of services come from fake or bot accounts. Yet, many business owners realize too late that the bulk comments service they bought is a scam and a big mistake.

If you buy the wrong Instagram comments service:

If you buy robot generated Instagram comments, although may offer temporary benefits, will for sure end up creating bigger obstacles that can devastate a business. Also, if the interactions come from fake accounts, you will have no further replies, interactions, shares, or benefits to a business

If using a poor Instagram service, competitors will know that you are buying comments and likes from a company.

In 2018, Instagram began removing all unauthentic accounts. If your account has spam or fraudulent activity, it is bound for the removal category, even if it takes a few weeks or months for Instagram to get around to doing it. is bound for the removal category, even if it takes a few weeks or months for Instagram to get around to doing it.

Fake looking comments won't do a lot for your business sales-wise.

Tips if you want to buy Instagram Comments:

We get it. Instagram is the social media place to be and you want your account to be as successful as so many others that you see. And you want it now. Everyone has similar dreams. And those dreams come true to those who understand marketing, have patience, and use smart strategies to get more comments, likes, and followers.

There are professional companies offering Instagram custom comments from real accounts. Combining these services with a smart Social Media strategy, can give your account the push you are looking for and reach more users.

Here are a few tips for success:

Create meaningful content that engages others and urges them to leave a comment.

Do not hesitate to involve yourself in the conversation. Followers love interacting with business owners, especially on a comfortable social media with business owners, especially on a comfortable social media platform.

Tag people and places in your content.

Engage users every day. Even one day without a post can be detrimental to your success.uccess.

Don't forget to strategically use #hashtags often.

Share user-generated content. Users love knowing that they're a part of the community. Nothing draws that connection better than sharing their content.unity. Nothing draws that connection better than sharing their content.

Host a contest or giveaway. People love getting something for nothing!

Do not forget to include a call-to-action (CTA) on every post.

Before you buy Instagram comments:

So if you find yourself in the necessity of buying comments, be careful! Buying bulk comments from a random company will likely be not favorable for your account.

Choose a company that has reviews and endorsements, and communicate to them what kind of comments you need. There are certified services that can definitely give you that kick you are looking for.

Combine the alternative tactics we shared with you above with a professional custom comments service and see your posts soar!