How to Setup your own Residential Proxies Tutorial – Instagram, Facebook & Twitter residential proxy


How to make your very own Instagram Residential Proxy. These proxies will make your connection look like it’s from a residential location in the USA. The networks will either be Verizon, AT&T or NuNet.

Static Private Residential Proxy

Residential proxies can be super expensive to buy, most companies charge $200-500 per month for a single residential proxy. This tutorial guide will show you how to get your own private fixed residential proxy for only $6 per month. Don’t buy residential IPs when you can manage your own. These fresh proxies will stop like blocks, follow blocks and help secure your Instagram account if you are automating it. This will be your very own private residential IP.

The Benefits of your own Residential IPS

· Instagram Security Checks will be at a minimum as its residential location
· No like blocks, No follow blocks and total freedom with your Instagram account
· You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts per residential IP
· You can add accounts from other social networks, for example, 5 Instagram, 5 Twitter & 5 Facebook accounts.
· Its on your own private server, only you use it
· Its super fast as the server is yours and no one else will access your residential IP’s.
· You can configure your username, password and port at anytime
· You can resell these proxies and earn money

NOTE: If your automation settings are too aggressive you can still get blocked from Instagram. Be careful when automating and make it look organic. You could get your residential IP blocked if you abuse it. You have been warned.

Residential Proxy Tutorial

Make sure you don’t skip the tutorial and get ahead of yourself. Sit back, relax and learn how to create your own residential proxies.

Ordering your Residential Server and IPs

1: Head over to

2: Select Prices ➡ Residential Proxy IP server ➡ Select your package

4: Save money and use the coupon code ‘’

5: Place the order and wait for ResNetworking to respond with your server IP, username & password.

6: Whilst you’re waiting for your server to be setup, head over to and look at our growth hacking services for Instagram.

Setting up your Residential server

1: Install Putty from if you are on Windows. If you are using Mac or Linux open up Terminal.

2: Connect to your residential server by adding your IP to the hostname on Putty.

Mac/Linux users type this:

ssh root@youriPaddress

3: Accept the Security Alert by clicking Yes

4: Username is root and password is what supplied.

5. Change your password


6: Update & Upgrade the server so it’s secure. If promted with a question always select Yes.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

7: Find your Residential IPS

joe /etc/network/interfaces

8: Take note of your 5 residential IP’s (add them to notepad). To close the window hold down CTRL + K X

9: Install extra software to allow the proxy to work

apt-get -y install fail2ban software-properties-common
apt-get install build-essential libevent-dev libssl-dev

10: Head over to 3proxy

cd /etc/3proxy

11: Edit the config file to add your username, passwords. Watch the video carefully. To save the file CTRL + K X

joe 3proxy.cfg

12: Make sure the config file is readable

chmod 700 3proxy.cfg

13: Launch the proxy server

sh /etc/3proxy/scripts/rc.d/ start

14: Test your Residential IPs at

15: If it’s all working exit and restart the server

shutdown -r now

— Keeping your server secure —

It’s important to keep your server secure, every month login and run these 2 commands.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
shutdown -r now


Official Support Thread:

Please do NOT contact ResNetorking for support on setting up the proxies. They will not be able to help, if you have any problems with the network or server then contact them.

Special Mentions

Dimitri has been a massive help with the setting up of the IPs. If you are lazy and want to pay someone. Dimitri is your guy and you can find his website here:

Don’t use worldwide rotating proxies or backconnect rotating proxies as these will trigger security checks with Instagram. Luminati proxy and residential proxies are great, but they are super expensive. Free proxy lists will not work on Instagram and we do not recommend it.

These residential proxies work great on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use them with any social network and you can even stream Netflix and other American TV networks.