Instagram Viral Powerlikes for Guaranteed Growth

Want to go viral on Instagram?

Our brand new Viral Powerlikes is guaranteed to increase your post analytics and help you go viral. Each post you make will get the powerlikes drip-fed every minute to ensure it looks organic and real. We have upgraded our whole system to work with the very latest Instagram updates. Ask any of our 4000+ customers how great these powerlikes are, they are so great that we have top celebrities & Instagram influencers using them.

You do NOT need to like back!

Unlike other services that make you add your account, we do not use your account to like back. Instagram is starting to block accounts that are part of auto liking services like Fuelgram & Telegram Bots. This is why we are the best, all you have to do is supply your Instagram username and we do the rest. Ask yourself, do you want to lose your account? stop giving access to auto like spamming services that will damage your account forever and even get your account banned.

100% Safe & ready for the latest Algorithm

We have 100’s of our own accounts that we try and test before we release to the public. This is why we are so sure that once you start using our Powerlikes, you will be hooked! Not to mention, once you have selected your subscription, it is instantly activated.

Want to know more?

Create a sales support ticket or live chat session to speak to one of our team members, they will give you honest and real advice on what is best for your account. They may even give you a discount if you ask nicely.

We are the world leaders in Instagram Growth

No other company offers what we supply – our services grant you the likes you want without us having to control your account to spam others with. Lots of other companies can actually damage your account by supplying bad powerlikes that could get your account shadowbanned. We ensure that all of our services look organic and 100% real, this is how we can make you go viral. We care about your account and want you to grow, we don’t just take your money and run (Like most companies). No other company can guarantee statistics increase on Instagram analytics, to really show you how good the likes work… and finally! all of our services work for any niche & language around the world. What are you waiting for? Order today and get instant access on your next post.

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