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So, with the new Instagram algorithm is changing everything on how we get boosted. Its left a massive hole for Powerlikes suppliers. Where before the more likes you had, the more chance of you getting on the explore page. This week it changed, noticed you are no longer on the explore page as much. also noticed the likes has decreased too.

The current Auto round system is DAMAGING your Instagram accounts

The new Instagram algorithm isn't stupid if you get a bulk amount of likes from the same users with fake or low-quality accounts (spam accounts with 0 followers, posts & interaction). It can spot it a mile away and actually damage your account.

Instagram changed the hourly likes to 60, which also limits your likes you get. Also blocking any account that likes too much a day. I know this as I've had to manually go into my fake accounts to unlock with a Captcha.

**Update: ** A few people are losing their minds over the powerlikes are damaging. Yes they are if you are getting the same likes daily from the same accounts. Also a lot of powerlikes accounts are real when joining but then botted. It's all about being random and not obvious to Instagram. Their is a lot of really good powerlikes suppliers out their who manually vet the users. I'm not knocking them at all, but a majority are not taking it seriously and damaging your accounts.

The times are changing & its called Hyperlikes

Instagram wants real people to comment or like on your posts. So GOSO.io has listened and already supplied the REAL comment exchange for FREE and soon the Hyperlikes will be available for everyone.

Your probably thinking 'What makes you different than the current generation?'. Well without giving away too much information that others will try and copy. In a nutshell, you will get likes from REAL and active accounts and will be totally random (to avoid the algorithm detecting accounts). Every action will be emulated as if it is a human using it. To be safe all accounts on the system are protected by enterprise-level security (SSL & encryption). We tweak the settings to our algorithm to avoid repetition to get detected. Lastly, all accounts will be on virgin proxy IP's to totally protect users. Current generation Powerlikes has all the users on 1 IP and Instagram could shadowban every account connected to it.

Auto-Rounds is about to die

Another way that the new Instagram Algorithm works are repititon. You post at the same time every day (3 times a day; 3pm, 6pm & 9pm) and you get the same auto rounds likes every post. You think Instagram doesn't know this?

With our Hyperlikes you post whenever you want! & you can post as many posts a day.

Less is now More

So you get 1000 likes from your posts when you only have 100 followers. Instagram isn't stupid... look on the explore pages right now. People are topping big hashtags with fewer likes than before.

1000 false likes are worth nothing, what if I told you that if you received a like from an active Instagram account it would be worth 100x of a false like? So getting 50 Hyperlikes will boost your account right back into the explore page.

Quality Likes Guaranteed

This is what makes the likes Hyper! Every account that is on the hyperlikes system is automatically vetted. If you don't make a post in a few days from your likes account, you will be temporary on pause until you start posting and getting natural likes back. This means your account will NOT post likes to other accounts and will NOT recieve likes back. Instagram squatters will not work on GOSO hyperlikes.

Trying to cheat the system by buying false followers? It won't work with our Hyperlikes. For example If you have 200k followers and getting low likes or interactions. It will alert our moderators to manually check the account on Socialblade.com & review your history. If we see you are trying to cheat to get in a higher group, your account will be removed from GOSO totally. We do NOT want crappy false follower accounts on our system.

Whats the catch?

Whenever your account makes a like to another post in your Hyperlike group, it records it to your Instagram account. So if your account has made 500 likes in 1 day, you will get 500 likes back. However
if you post 1 post that day, you will get 500 likes on that post. If you post 5 posts in 24 hours all the posts will get a total of 500 likes. You see how this works and you need to be selective on how many posts you make a day.

The Hyperlike Groups

Group 1 - Less than 1000 followers
Group 2 - 1,001 - 5,000 followers
Group 3 - 5,001 - 10,000 followers
Group 4 - 10,001 - 25,000 followers
Group 5 - 25,001 - 50,000 followers
Group 6 - 50,001 - 100,000 followers
Group 7 - 100,001 - 250,000 followers
Group 8 - 250,001 - 500,000 followers
Group 9 - 500,001 - 1,000,000 followers
Group 10 - 1,000,001+ followers

So what do you get in the Hyperlikes

  1. Random likes from real active accounts from the number of your follower's group
  2. Post anytime and get the instant likes (but you have to be selective to ensure quality)
  3. Its automatic, it runs in the background & totally secure

Can you boost other accounts

Sure thing! However, if the account giving likes is not active by adding posts or getting natural likes already. It will get dropped from the system until you start posting from it again.

OK, so how much is this going to cost me?

This is where it's unreal.... FREE yep! you heard me. Its FREE!

GOSO.io is not here to make money, we are currently funded by 2 companies who believe in what we do.

Yes, we need to make our overheads, but we are not in any position to get rich quick. This is why you see all our services are low prices & invest in the community to help people learn. We will be adding a paid upgrade package, later on. It will promote you to the next group level. So if you are currently in Group 2 (1,001 to 5,000 followers) you will be upgraded to Group 3 and get likes from 5,001 to 10k followers. However, you will still like posts in Group 2 to avoid contamination likes.

Want to know more & participate?

Want to join the beta? reply to this post and we will message you when we start accepting members.

Join our Hyperlikes Telegram Group: https://t.me/hyperlikes & GOSO.io Official Group: https://t.me/Gosoio

Register for free on https://goso.io and join our forum community too.

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