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I'm launching a brand new service that has never been done before

Want to be a contributor for a 0 to 100k Instagram account? is looking for collaborators for groups of users per account. I'll be throwing all the tools at the accounts but with everyone contributing. You can have access to a really powerful account. Each account will start with its own private virgin IP proxy too & aged to stop restrictions.

Each collaborator will have their private forum for the Instagram account, plus private access to post, comment and like accounts. You don't need passwords, just log in and manage it all through's control panel. Each account will have a vote for a manager of the Instagram account. The manager is the person to talk to if you have any questions.

Once the 100k milestone is met

Everyone in the group will be able to use it to like, comment, follow and even post shoutouts to their accounts. If anyone wants to add the account to xPlor, Maka or so on. It will be cast on a vote to the group. The account is a democracy vote for everyone.

What do you get out of it?

You get to use a 100k account, be part of the collaboration Instagram community (for all accounts), learn new techniques on how to grow Instagram accounts, like your own personal accounts, boost your personal accounts and finally do shoutouts to your personal accounts.

Important! Read before you apply

  •  Every action you do on the account is recorded, so everyone in the group can see what everyone is doing. So if you are inactive or lazy, you will probably get kicked out of the group.
  •  You need experience in growing accounts or marketing on Instagram
  •  No newbies, only serious players only
  •  Each account will be a decided niche from the group, every account can be different niches
  •  No one will ever get access to the password of the account (to prevent people trying to steal the account)
  •  As we are beta testing this feature, it's currently FREE for everyone. Once its tried and tested it will be only available for PRO members. When we change to it PRO all existing FREE members will still get access to the collaboration account as a thank you. 
  •  If you have any suggestions on how to make the service better! you can speak directly with the developers.
  •  This has never been done before, so it's exciting times.

Do you want to apply?

  •  Reply to this forum thread with your details and what you can contribute to the account. 
     If you have a lot of experience with a certain niche, please post what it is.

  •  Each account requires a manager to be the voice of democracy for all contributors. Your private forum will have a voting booth for everyone to vote. If you want to be a manager, state it in the group.


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  • socialbutler
    Just started growing a few accounts. 1.5k, 2.8k, 3.1k
  • aarishcs2

    i would like to be part of this . have grown accounts before :)

  • limitless
    Member, Pro User

    Hi I am definitely interested in the collaboration account. Fitness niche account would be great

  • stanlie1
    Memes account 21k followers
  • cyberkore
    I have been working on instagram growth since years, and currently growing different niches accounts, from photography to fitness and babes. I was able to grow Female, Models, babes, fitness accounts at 8k - 14k followers per month. 

    Managing many accounts of over 60k followers with no issues and niche i would work easily is babes and fitness.

  • Webspider

    Hey There,

    Running bunch of Accounts with 100k , 40k, 30k, 15k , 5k, 2k all with different niche and theme would love to be part of this beta test

  • limitless
    Member, Pro User

    Would love to take part in this to expand my knowledge on accounts. I currently have my fitness account at 30k

  • valentina1

    Food account at 8.3k. Would love to contribute, I am a part of several comment pods, Instagram societies, and Facebook groups. Have access to some paid Instagram guides as well.

  • spooksie

    The first beta group is looking for new members. The niche is Sports Girls. We need 3-4 people to help collaborate on this account. Reply to this if you want to contribute to this account.

  • anon1


    I run quite a few pages including fitness, hot girls, travel. I've handled several famous and semi famous celebrity accounts. I would love to be in on the Beta Test!

  • vaberer

    Hello, I run IG acc with fashion niche, currently 28k, the acc grew in one year.

  • Shadi101

    Would love to take part in this as well I have a clear and experienced view on the ever changing methods of Instagram plus I would love to be in association with all of you guys. I currently have my travel account with a plan to acquire multiple accounts with a unique approach to profiting from them.

  • wanderlicious

    Interesting idea and I'd be keen to try out different techniques to see what engagement works best on Insta. I have a account dedicated to travel. @wander.licious

    Bit of an IT nerd so keen to get involved and happy to be a manager as well. :smile: Previously managed a bunch of groups and I'm generally pretty keen on picking up when people are lazy or leeching (not cool).

  • internetmarketin


    your idea is really interesting, I am running about 20 accounts of clients, different niches, actor, model, fitness, restaurant mainly :) I am super interested to try this out!


  • odaine26

    I’m interested, would love to be apart of this, I have a pernoal art niche account , ccurrently at 14k

  • bennytgh

    Hi i have an aerial photography account and would love to be part of this collaboration!

  • pheonixz

    I would love to be a part of this and learn more too. I have experience building music, motivation, personal, female, and travel. All around 20k - 50k.

  • ridu07

    I am very much interested to join this collaboration... I have a meme account and like to grow it with collaboration...

  • snowsportplanet

    Hey im pretty intrested in what this Page will achieve so im Tells looking forward to be added to the group. Have a nice das.

  • millennial schol

    Hey I would love to join a collab. I specialize in science & natural health accounts

  • migueres95

    I am new on bussiness instagram
    But is my goal to try get the 100 k ! And i am ready for it and i am a excelente learner

  • ritesh

    Hey, I am much interested to join this collaboration. I have experience in different niche like Fitness, Pet, Motivation (Enterpreneur), Fashion, Shoutouts etc with account ranging from 5k to 20k. Looking forward to crush together! Thank you

  • bebolunga99
    Member, Pro User

    Hey guys! I would love to join this type of collaboration! I work as a Cinematographer so any Photography/videography niche related is good for me! I have a lot of Knowledge

  • shuffle
    Member, Pro User

    Interested.I manage a few accounts for musicians, all with over 20k followers. All who have very cool hair or makeup and often post "model" type pics with various hair/makeup hashtags.

  • liamadavies
    Member edited April 8

    I'm interested I have just started working with influential YouTubers in the UK. I'm launching a collaboration with social influencers in the form of a course where I will be able to talk about this service and sell as an affiliate.

    I have also grown accounts in the fitness niches 32k 12.5k and 10k

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