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  • Viral Insight - Free & Affordable Instagram Analytics

    Hello Guys,

    It's been postponed for weeks, but at this point, I'm ready to say the MVP product of Viral Insight is ready to officially launch. So without further ado, here's Viral Insight!

    Viral Insight
    VI is my side project from these last few months and is now becoming a full-fledged analytics website for Instagram.

    In short, it allows you to track any account (without the need to log in). Whether that's a business or personal account (obviously, private accounts can't be tracked).

    What data does it provide?

    As you can from the screenshot below, the website currently tracks:
    • Followers
    • Followings
    • Engagement
    • Uploads
    • Average likes (of last 12)
    • Average comments (of last 12)
    • Top 3 posts (of last 12)
    • Mentions (of last 12)
    • Hashtags (of last 12)
    Before the end of the year, I'm planning on adding more in-depth content reporting. Like engagement per content type, best post timing... stuff like that.

    Other features you'll love
    • Customizable PDF report
      • Change reporting period (7, 14 or 30 days)
      • Add your own logo and contact details
      • Hide or Show data on the reports (followers, following, uploads or engagement)
    • Compare 2 reports
    • Benchmark the account against IG engagement averages (will soon be based on niche relevant data where available)
    • API available
    • Favorite accounts
    • An easy to use dashboard that shows you how your accounts are performing in one glance by showing their 24h and 7D growth.
    • What payment methods do you offer? - PayPal only.
    • Do you need access to my account in order to provide the stats? - No! Because we don't use any form of official API you don't need to log in with your IG account. As a matter of fact, you can track any accounts (as long as it's not private and has +100 followers).
    • Would the collected data be shared with anyone? - No! The data is yours and for your eyes only. We have a strong Privacy Policy in place that guarantees that your data will never be shared with anyone.
    • What is the cancellation policy? - You can cancel at any time! All payments are handled through PayPal, so all you have to do is just log into your account and cancel. There are no obligations or long-term contracts. You continue using the services for as long as YOU like.
    • Is there a refund policy? - There is no refund policy. We provide free access to the platform (for up to 2 accounts), so users can see exactly what they are getting. Alongside that, there are also 4 demo reports showing what it looks like inside.
    • Can I downgrade my plan? - Yes, you can downgrade your plan at any time, no questions asked. You will have access to all accounts you paid for for 30 days. After that, the newest accounts will be locked. This gives you the option to keep or removes accounts of your choice.
    • Do you have historical data? If the account is already being tracked by a user, then yes. Else: no.
    • Do you plan on adding more features and statistics to the platform?- Absolutely! We have a (small) roadmap outlined below, but if you would like more features don't hesitate to send in a feature request!
    • How do I add an account?
      Go to You can add an account directly from the homepage, through the search bar. Or you can also add them from your dashboard once you're logged in.

    Every site is a work in progress, and so is this one. Here are a few features that are currently on our roadmap:
    • Bigger & better PDF report (addition of charts)
      • Auto mailing the reports is NOT something that we'll be implementing immediately as that needs better mail server infrastructure (and tbh, those are a nightmare to manage
        But as a user, it's possible to directly link to the PDF reports through the API.
    • More detailed post analytics & post timing predictions
    • Account grouping or tagging
    Public roadmap:


    Anyone using the site will get 2 reports for free (forever). After that, there is very affordable pricing.
    • 25 accounts: €24.99/month
    • 50 accounts: €34.99/month
    • 150 accounts: €59.99/month
    • 750 accounts: €149/month


    You can use
    15OFF for 15% off. The discount code is valid on every plan and will give you a lifetime discount.

    Known issues
    At this moment there's one issue that's relatively persistent and that's IG is limiting the data collection ability of the site. Occasionally this will result in the site showing you an HTTP 500 on the reports page, or perhaps even sending you back to the homepage with an error notification. This will be solved this weekend or next week.

    Example report:
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