Telegram Auto-Post App in Market Groups & Channels without a bot

YES! We know there is 100’s of ad-bot services available on Telegram… Have you tried adding your bot to the biggest market channels and groups? See errors such as Bots restricted or We are not accepting anymore bots?

This app will completely bypass the blocks that Telegram groups have created. The app auto-posts from a real account and not a bot. Opening your advertising message to 10,000’s of Telegram marketing channels. I’m offering this totally FREE of charge too.

  • is the worlds first to offer this service (everyone said it was impossible) 
  • Bypass bot restricted channels and groups
  • Type in exactly what you want to appear on Telegram groups & channels
  • Add as many channels as you want, we have pre-loaded 36+ channels for you already
  • You can use your own account or create a new account to post the messages
  • It posts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We will supply a guide to help you get setup in minutes
  • has tried, tested & guaranteed that you will not get blocked. It posts just like a human.
  • You can totally customize the script to whatever you wish
  • Get automatic updates to the cloud app which will unlock new features
  • FREE of charge for anyone to use
  • Abuse of the service (hacking or use of stolen accounts) will blacklist your account from and block use of the cloud apps